Military Vet launches Indiegogo Campaign in search of individuals to voluntarily offer themselves as shark bait

Mel Young, a military veteran has launched a crowd funding campaign on to develop a unique shark diving experience for people to get close to the sharks without a cage. Currently, visitors can view these sharks by diving into the sea in a steel cage, but Mel Young wants to take this experience to the next level for them. With an aim to make this experience more realistic and thrilling for the visitors, he developed a different system that’ll allow them to watch these beautiful creatures in a more natural setting. 

After very little reaction from the initial campaign, he thought it good to use an unorthodox method by adding humor to his campaign, while still being very honest in the information shared.  In a Crowdfunding environment where many campaigns are deceiving and frankly just not true, this campaign is all about brutal honesty.

His goal is to have visitors experience the sharks through a transparent cylindrical chamber, providing a more realistic swimming with the shark’s experience. As an adventure lover himself, he knows what it takes to get one’s adrenaline levels up and to make for an unforgettable experience.

Through the fundraising campaign, he aims to raise an amount of $245,000 that will afford visitors an alternative to the normal open and overloaded boats, viewing sharks through steel cages. Luxury will now be an option when viewing sharks.

Mel Young urges people around the world to support his project and visit the wonderful spot to enjoy a thrilling underwater adventure with the sharks. Donations as low as $2 up to $150 where backers can spot in the clear diving cylinder.

More information about the campaign is available at


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