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People sometimes find themselves in situations they never knew how it gets started; only clever people get to remember what really led them into a mess by ruminating about the past. It is quite disappointing that many cannot tell or identify how they get into bondage.

The bondage of cyber stalking may be triggered in different ways which also include careless dealing with a particular person, who in turn takes the advantage to stalk and threaten his prey.

Cyber-crimes, cyber security and all that as related has been on the increase in modern days, it comes with sophisticated means that finding a way out seems almost impossible.

Quite a number of people suffer in silence, as they are ignorant of ways through which they can experience freedom again.

We are oftentimes overshadowed by our problems to think there is no solution Irrespective of how one becomes a cyber-stalking or harassment victim or the level at which the case is, believe me, there is always a solution to every problem… – Joseph O Akeju

For those who cannot think out of the box with regards any situation counted as unpleasant, what they engage in is to lament while they remain in suffering. This remains one of the most disastrous approaches to life.

It’s widely believed that a problem shared is half solved, but that can only be true when the problem is being shared with the right person and not someone who can get more woes for the sufferer.

It is an understatement that minding the person whom a problem is shared with is vital to either one stays alive, gets out of the problem or remain and die in it. Such is life!

Once stalking is recognized, the next thing is to ensure that it’s being reported rightly. Cyber stalking victims suffer in silence due to their inaccessibility to the right channel that could be of help, which has caused some people their lives.

There are organizations and entities that are passionate about seeing every form of cyber-crimes, bullying and harassment come to an end.

HERE COMES THE CRYPTIC: Cryptic is an organization founded with the sole motive of putting a stop to all forms of cyber-crimes.

The organization was founded by a foremost woman influencer Kris Degioia and Todd Drake a highly intellectual and great achiever; with the ultimate aim of countering every form of cyber-crimes.

In the quest of fighting for cyber stalking victims, the firm Cryptic created a software that helps counter any form of cyber-stalking and harassment, this software has been of great help to over 300 people. The software also got a massive boost as the Tennessee law enforcement agency approves the use of the software.

At CRYPTIC, we love to hear your story, as we all know how it feels being bullied, the organization is made up of passionate team members who are listeners and dedicated to helping you with your situation.

The company helps former stalking victims gain back a safe life, get out of post-traumatic stress disorder as well as help their family members.

Cryptic has a user-friendly website with a live chat feature to attend to you passionately. We expect to read your mails, you are immensely cherished and valued.

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