Plastic Card Online.Inc Offers Plastic Card Printing Solutions to Worldwide Business Institutions From 2008

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a company that is involved in plastic card printing. It offers its services to many clients in almost 80 countries around the globe. The company is based in Hong Kong. It was established in the year 2008.

The population of the world as well as the kinds of goods and services provided by different professionals has increased leaps and bounds. People often remember and recognize each other by the visiting card of another individual. Moreover, the increased use of plastic money in the form of debit and credit cards instead of currency bonds as well as the promotion of business institutions such as supermarkets and retail outlets in the form of benefit cards has led to the prolific use of plastic cards.

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a company that produces plastic discount cards. These cards are a great way of promoting customer loyalty. These cards enable customers to avail of benefits that the firm may be offering them as a reward for their continued transactions with the firm. These cards are widely used in supermarkets, retail chains, shopping malls, etc. It is a good investment which helps to attract other customers thus increasing customer base over time. These cards also aid in maintaining authenticity of the institution or firm as these cards are used exclusively while transacting with a particular company.

Plastic Card Online.Inc

The company produces an approximate of 20 million cards on a monthly basis. Among its many services discount card printing is also available. It is able to produce good quality texture and feel, professional looking cards that are made of 760 micron solid PVC in accordance with the standards set by the ISO. Their services include preprint art work, film printing, litho printing, cutting, and customization, quality control, packing and shipping.  The printing solutions that they provide include laminated cards, smart cards, magstrip, embossing, barcode, foil, printed number/name, metallic stock, key cards, photo id cards, frosted cards, etc.

Plastic Card Online.Inc is able to provide cheap discount cards due to the advanced machines and technology that it has at its disposal. The range of equipments it uses for printing include Heidelberg 4 colors offset printer, magnetic card laminating press, CNC auto alignment punching machine, laminator, card embossing system, UV+RI conveyorize drying system, single color offset printer, IC card automatism encapsulation machine, etc. The company aims at providing services that are all inclusive, right from designing, artwork to the final delivery of the product. The shipping process takes about 9-10 days usually. However, quick services are also available as per the demand of the customer.

About Plastic Card Online.Inc:

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a company that provides plastic card printing solutions to its clients around the globe. It is able to provide card printing solutions to its customers as per their varied requirements because of their advanced technology and efficient production procedure. To know more please visit their official website.

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