Acousterr, an innovative online platform that enables music learners to create and share content, has witnessed tremendous increase in the features that it provides on its platform. Their website which went live in May 2017, has now experienced positive and exciting changes that has made it possible for its users to acquire increased benefit from the platform.

More services provided by Acousterr include organizing online music contests that enable participants to be able to compete and win handsome prize money. Their promotion of healthy competition ensure that contestants are able to stretch themselves by undergoing the required training that is necessary for them to be outstanding.

Acousterr, is also a good publicity platform to various artists, band groups and record labels, by organizing different contest that helps to promote the songs of music artists. When contacted, Acousterr is able to provide music promotion opportunities to those in need of their services.

The online platform is known to provide room for music artists to showcase their talent to a wider audience, thereby increasing the exposure of any music artist that utilizes the platform. This singular benefit has witnessed immense appreciation from users who find this as very crucial for their music career.

Acousterr also develops a community for music learners. This community helps to facilitate the learning process for all music learners, and the increased level of communication among the users is known to aid adequate knowledge sharing. They also provide useful guitar tabs and chords for English songs in a playback guitar tab editor.

Acousterr also has an enabled guitar tab maker that allows one to create tabs by pressing strings on a virtual fretboard, and utilize playback. Their platform enables you to create tabs that are easily readable, and without ambiguity, which is very vital for learners.

The online guitar tab maker cum simulator provided by Acousterr ensures that all those that make use of the platform are able to become acquainted with good use of the guitar. The simulator also helps to provide all that is needed to become proficient with the use of the guitar.

Acousterr also has a huge possession of guitar resources, the platform provides resources that are helpful to both learners and professionals. Some of these resources which are very expensive to acquire from other sources, can easily be gotten by anyone who would maximize the opportunity of being part of the Acousterr community.

The availability of music covers for English songs is another feature that makes Acousterr to stand out from other online music platforms. These music covers are well selected to ensure high quality listening experience and it provides a platform for budding artists to showcase their high quality cover videos.

The benefit of becoming part of the Accousterr community is invaluable, and the new features and packages that are unleashed in their platform cannot be ignored. The founders Nischey Grover (Alumnus IIT Roorkee) and Rashmi Chaurasiya (Doctoral Researcher) expressed their optimism about the product and improved application of signal processing algorithms to make muscians’ life simpler. They can be contacted below, and they are willing to receive any enquiries through their email contact included below


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