5 Revenue Increasing Outdoor Signs For Miami Businesses

Miami, FL – 4 Sep, 2017 – The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot in Miami – so is the competition! Attracting customers and clients to your business is a challenge for business owners everywhere, and Miami is no exception. With every business vying for the attention of tourists and locals alike, how is a business supposed to cut through the clutter and get noticed? 

A Miami sign company, Miami Signs & Wraps, shares 5 types of signage your business can utilize to increase business visibility, customer flow, and ultimately, your bottom line. 

  1. Storefront Sign

Your storefront sign is the #1 most important sign for your business. According to the International Sign Association, storefront signs account for 46% of all foot traffic for businesses. The right storefront sign for your business is one that is reflective of your brand personality and style, suits your physical location, and helps you stand out from the businesses around you. 

There are many different options for storefront signage. From lighted channel letter signs to awning signs, cabinet signs, and more, a professional sign company can assist in recommending the right type, size, and style for maximum impact. 

  1. Window Signs

The front windows of your business provide a great opportunity for you to share what your business is all about. There are lots of options for utilizing window signs to attract more customers inside, from full-color vinyl window displays to banners, posters, and spot graphics. 

The right blend of window signage lets customers know what they can expect when they come inside, whether you are a retail store, restaurant, or service provider. According to recent sign efficacy statistics, 67% of consumers have purchased a product because of a promotional sign! 

  1.  A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are one of the more popular ways to interrupt the foot traffic outside your business. Literally placed in the path of oncoming pedestrians, these are a great way to get maximum visibility for your special offer or sale. 

Inexpensive and easy to update, these signs provide a lot of exposure for your marketing dollar. Research indicates that one additional sign to a business storefront increases sales 4.8% on average, and these are one of the top producers. 

  1. Vehicle Wraps

Adding attractive, professional vehicle wraps and graphics to your fleet is a great way to generate more visibility for those who aren’t necessarily looking for walk-in traffic, such as contractors, landscapers, and delivery companies. 

Commercial vehicle wraps also increase customer confidence and perception of your business. A branded vehicle automatically reassures them that you are an affiliate of your organization, reducing stress during your initial meeting, which ultimately leads to higher satisfaction and an increase in positive reviews and testimonials. 

  1. Pole Signs

These impressive, towering structures rise above the noise of street level, attracting attention from motorists on nearby interstates and roadways. Pylon, tenant, and pole signs are popular for businesses such as gas stations, superstores, restaurants, and shopping centers. 

If you are looking for the ultimate in visibility, nothing beats a pole sign for maximum range, acting like a beacon to draw customers to your business. There are many style options for pole and pylon signs, including LED message centers, lighted cabinet signs, and more.

The Bottom Line

The facts show that signs make a huge impact on the ability of a business to attract and retain new customers and clients. Just as important as the type of signage you use for business promotion is the quality of those signs. 

Working with an expert custom sign company, like Miami Signs & Wraps, provides you with an experienced partner who can guide you in making the best signage choices for your business promotion goals.

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