5 Tips for Creating Professional Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Marietta, GA – 4 Sep, 2017 – It is easy to understand why a business invests in attractive commercial vehicle wraps for business promotion, brand development, and fleet identification. With the increased visibility and cohesive brand message they provide, commercial wraps are a smart investment for many different business types. 

However, while many wraps are attractive and compelling, there are also many wraps out there doing more damage than good. Patrick Hart, of Bethel Signs & Graphics in Marietta, GA, shares some of the most common wrap mistakes for you to avoid. 

  1. Information Overload

       Vehicle wraps only get attention for a few moments, so your message needs to be concise and targeted. Many business owners feel that it is important to get the most value out of their vehicle wrap by adding lots of text, images, and bullet points of all their services. This leads to confusion and lack of clarity for those viewing the wrap. Determine a single message you would like to convey and ensure your wrap is targeted to that specific message only for maximum impact. 

  1. Neglecting Vital Info

       On the flip side of the coin, don’t fall victim to oversimplification, either. Your wrap, partial wrap, or vinyl graphics need to not only excite the viewer, but give them enough information to take action. In addition to your key message or graphic, you need to include at least basic contact information for your company, including your business name, and one or more method for contacting you, such as phone, email, physical or web address. 

  1. Mistakes and Misspellings

       Information accuracy is also vitally important. You would be surprised how frequently marketing materials are fraught with errors and misspellings. If you are only providing the most important marketing message, then make sure that it is thoroughly checked for errors by multiple parties, carefully analyzing details that you may otherwise assume were correct, such as the spelling in your logo. 

  1. Bad Installation

       A great wrap design is only as good as the installation. Poor installation not only makes you look messy and unprofessional, it can also impact the longevity of your wrap. Creases, cracks, and bubbles can hold water, causing the wrap to discolor over time. This is not the place to cut corners. Work with an expert vehicle wrap installation team, such as the professionals at Bethel Signs & Graphics, for the best possible results and a team that will stand by their work. 

  1. Bad Design

       Your information may be accurate, and your wrap professionally and expertly installed, but those things don’t protect you from a bad design. Just as important as the elements you choose to put on your vehicle is the size, layout, fonts, and colors of those elements. Pick brand supporting colors that are complementary, use fonts that are bold and legible, and keep images to a minimum of either a single message that clearly depicts your product or services, an emotion associated with your brand, or simple color blocking or a bold pattern. Work with an expert vehicle wrap designer for a professional, impactful look.

Avoid These Mistakes with an Expert Wrap Partner 

A professional vehicle wrap supplier, such as Bethel Signs & Graphics, a Marietta, GA Sign Company, can provide you with the insight and assistance you need for a high-quality commercial vehicle wrap that works, helping you to accomplish your business promotion goals. 

Bethel Signs & Graphics provides complete commercial and fleet wrap design, fabrication, and installation, making them a full-service vehicle wrap supplier, dedicated to assisting the businesses of Marietta and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a wrap company that will offer professional design, expert installation, and the advice you need to make smart choices for your business marketing, Patrick and his team are ready to assist you.

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