7 Tips For An Effective Business Yard Sign Campaign

Jupiter, FL – 4 Sep, 2017 – When properly utilized, yard signs can be an effective revenue generation tool for businesses. However, there are many reasons why yard sign campaigns fail, and most come down to a few simple design, placement, or messaging tweaks. 

We asked Scott Nichols, of Jupiter Sign Company, to explain how to make impactful yard signs that work for business 

Simplicity Sells

The more precise your message, the more impactful it will be. Condense your message into the fewest words possible for impact. Remember, a yard sign only provides a few moments of visibility, so make it count! 

Practical Application: Instead of “Joe’s Bagels Now Hiring Full & Part Time Cashiers, All Shifts, Competitive Pay & Flexible Hours, Apply at 234 Montgomery Ave, Anytown, USA” consider using “NOW HIRING! Joe’s Bagels 555-3493”.  

Specificity Sells

A yard sign is not the place to advertise your full line of products. Pick a single product, service, or event to promote, and focus on that specific message. You can always tell them more once you entice them to your business. 

Practical Application: Instead of your full restaurant menu, use a single image of a your tastiest looking plate, restaurant name, and street address. 

Legibility Is Vital

Just as important as the message is the font you use. Script, handwriting, and super thin fonts are all bad choices for yard signs. You need your message to be bold, and most importantly, legible. 

Practical Application: Popular text fonts include Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman. These provide easy readability, and are commonly used throughout many print applications, making them easier to quickly recognize and interpret than an unfamiliar font. 

Bigger Is (Usually) Better

While the legibility of the text is important, so is the size. Text that is too small is easily missed, however, text can also be too big. Your font size should be large enough to be legible from different distances, but small enough to look appropriate on your sign, providing you with about ⅓ white space for a good balance.

Practical Application: Consider the speed at which traffic will be traveling past your sign. At 55mph, you will need a letter height of about 16.5”, where at 25mph, 7” is sufficient. Make sure to plan your message and distribution accordingly. 

Distribution Techniques

How will your yard signs be distributed and placed throughout your local area? In some situations, yard signs are distributed to individual homeowners for placement. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand how to properly place a sign for maximum visibility, Many will neglect to install the sign at all, making this an ineffective and unreliable solution. 

Practical Application: If you have volunteers willing to host a yard sign for you, it is best that you collect their addresses and place all signs yourself. This allows you to control the angles and visibility for your signage. 

Don’t Get In Trouble

Consider local rules & regulations for placing yard signs. Many neighborhoods are signage restricted, and there may be limitations on signage size for public areas and intersections. 

Practical Application: Before installing any type of signage, speak to a local signage professional who can assist you in understanding applicable local signage rules and regulations. They can often assist you with applying for relevant permits, if needed. 

Work with a Professional

Jupiter Sign Company is dedicated to being Jupiter’s low-cost yard sign provider. With on-site production utilizing state of the art machinery, we are able to quickly and easily create your business yard signs. We provide with full-service sign production, including design and fabrication of all your business signage. We are very familiar with local laws and regulations, and can help steer you in the right direction. 

Practical Application: Go with a company with a proven track record in attractive, effective business yard sign design and production.

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