Archer – A Revolutionary Desktop Combat Robot

Archer is a new product of AI. Frame. It’s an electric robot, a desktop combat robot which can be controlled by connecting your smartphone or tablet. Archer Breakthroughs the past problems of toy robot, such as difficult operation and slow moving. With Archer, wonderful robot battle like  “GUNDAM”, is no longer just a cartoon to see in the scene, now, let Archer brings you into the fight!

Big points of Archer:

HIGH MOBILITY, accurate calculation and 3 legs design with omnidirectional movement mechanism make the robot more agile. But not only the legs, the upper body is also rotatable for you to avoid the attack.  The design of 3 legs allows the robot to better stand and give the robot a better balance in case the uneven gravity that causes to fall.

VARIED ATTACKS, laser light on the right hand is weapon to attack the “enemy”, kinds of weapons with different effects offered in the control APP for the users to choose.

DEXTERITY, gravity sensing is added into the control system. Users can only move the smartphone or tablet to control the robot’s movement.

CUSTOMIZED ARMOR, small device is designed for disassembly, it’s able to update the robot by purchasing the latest Archer components or designing and 3D printing by yourself.

SCORING, Archer robot is equipped with a sensor to detect laser attack. Health point, the “blood” is shown on the smartphone or tablet will deduct when the robot attacked by the laser light. When the “blood”.

RECHARGEABLE, Archer is powered by a 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery. Users can charge the battery through the USB port of the robot, or swap another battery directly to get back to the battle field quickly.

Archer is not age limited, it’s 100% safe. Kids or adults can enjoy it together.

Archer, bring computer games into real life. After work or at family gatherings, take out Archer, turn your desktop into the battlefield, come and have a fully and delightfully robot battle!


Ai.Frame is a company in Shenzhen, China. It is created by a team of young and ambitious enthusiasts, with strong background in Design and Manufacturing, combined with deep understanding of the international market. The goal of Ai.Frame is to bring better and quality products for the global market, in a new way.

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