Varmlands Finans Sverige: Revolutionary Credit Score Check Service in Sweden That Doesn’t Ruin One’s Credit Score

Varmlands Finans Sverige is a completely new type of credit score check service in Sweden. Their check doesn’t affect the credit score, which means it doesn’t reduce one’s chances of getting a credit with the best interest rates.

Värmlands Finans Sverige is revolutionizing the Swedish society by offering a new way to get good credits. This company directly challenged UC AB Sverige, the leading credit score check service in Sweden today. Unlike the UC, Värmlands Finans Sverige does not devalue the person’s credit with every check. Therefore, no matter how many applications one makes, they remain creditworthy and can get favorable rates.

Understanding the Credit Score Check Service in Sweden

Credit score checks are rather complex. The companies that perform them consider a variety of factors to determine the actual score. Until now, the UC has been the leading service in this field. It’s owned by four biggest banks in Sweden, SED, Swedbank, Nordea, and Handelsbanken.

It’s no wonder that these banks have a Sweden credit score check service of their own as need it most. People apply for credits there daily and the lenders must be sure that they can be trusted with the money.

The problem is that UC uses the total number of credit checks as a measure of credibility. Therefore, the more checks one has, the lower their credit score will be, and the higher the rates banks offer.

A low score is a sign of low credibility, which means that lenders will take extra-precautions working with these people. In the world of finance, this means offering higher interest rates and generally unfavorable terms.

Note that today credit checks are used not only when one is applying for a credit. Sometimes one must provide their credit score when renting a new apartment or even getting a job.

How Does Värmlands Finans Sverige Change the Situation?

On their official website,, the company explains their operation in great detail. IN short, this credit score check service in Sweden is revolutionary in its approach. In their analysis, they research the applicant’s financial past and current financial situation. They make predictions based on this.

To compare two approaches further, UC only uses income info from the last year. Värmlands Finans Sverige, on the other hand, makes a thorough study of the person’s financial situation throughout the years.

This approach is not only ‘non-harmful’ to the applicant’s credit score. It actually allows for a much fairer prediction of their credibility. Seeing the evolution of a person’s financial situation and assessing the point they are at currently offers a broader perspective. Lenders can definitely appreciate this information when making a decision.

Värmlands Finans Sverige is a new type of a credit score check service in Sweden. They take the customer-focused approach to a new level and increase one’s chances of getting a good rate on credit.

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