Cihuaci-Fengyao Strategic Reorganization Conference and Opening of the First Flagship Store in Guangzhou

On September 2, 2017, “Cihuaci-Fengyao Strategic Reorganization Conference and Opening Ceremony of the First Fengyao Flagship Store in Guangzhou” was solemnly held at Grand Tea Mall, a Chinese famous tea hall full of profound cultural atmosphere. Cihuaci Group and Jingdezhen Fengyao held a signing ceremony of strategic reorganization, and the first Cihuaci-Fengyao high-end porcelain brand flagship store in Guangzhou grandly opened. And “Fengyao Cup Pairs with Fishes”, the Cihuaci-Fengyao craftsmanship masterpiece, will be sold worldwide. On the conference, Cihuaci-Fengyao also particularly launched the limited pre-sales edition of two national gift porcelain. This conference was broadcast live simultaneously globally.

The Chinese supply-side reform is further implemented in 2017, and “the Belt and the Road” (B&R) is overall developed to foreign countries in 2017 additionally, which have brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of cultural industries. Cihuaci closely follows the step of the development of the times, and actively responds to Chinese strategic demand, takes cultural heritage as the mission, aims at industrial development, creates brand-new business models and determines to become the leader of the industrialization, popularization and commonweal of the quintessence of Chinese culture. Cihuaci has been always focusing on porcelain, painting and calligraphy and other Chinese quintessence. On July 28, 2017, Cihuaci “B&R” Series of Porcelain Culture Jingdezhen Global Conference was successfully held at which Cihuaci founded the first Porcelain culture listed company in China, indicating Cihuaci brand is reaching out to the world.

The strategic reorganization of Cihuaci and Jingdezhen Fengyao, is that of overall layout and market segment, a successful application of innovative business model in the porcelain culture industry chain. Since then, Feng Yao became a top porcelain brand of Cihuaci Group. The first Fengyao flagship store in Guangzhou is the first store after the reorganization of two companies, whose successful opening witnesses the reorganization of two brands, but also inherits culture and mission, indicating that Cihuaci-Fengyao is about to create a new era, become one of the representatives of “New Oriental Customization”.

Cihuaci contains long-standing and well-established Chinese culture that has lasted for five thousand years, embodies the revival wishes of millions of Chinese people. In China, Cihuaci is the leader of Chinese quintessence industry; abroad, Cihuaci is the spokesperson of Chinese quintessence culture. In the future, Cihuaci will converge numerous top brands in quintessence industry together, hoping to highlight the national brand through the traditional Chinese culture, so as to tell the Chinese stories and promote the Chinese quintessence culture!

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