Karl Leimon Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Moonphase Watches

Watches are an excellent fashion statement that have greatly evolved over the years. Here with a watch that captures the sleek style of classic watches without breaking the bank is Karl Leimon. In approximately two weeks, the company will seek funding on Kickstarter offering fans the chance to get their hands on an original Karl Leimon Moonphase watch, at a great price.

The classic handheld watch has evolved greatly over its centuries of existence. From its beginnings as the humble pocketwatch, a sophisticated yet somewhat cumbersome timekeeping accessory, the watch slimmed down, turning away from the gaudy designs of its predecessor and focusing instead on function and ease of use.

From these changes came the classic wristwatch, a refined piece that manages to fulfill its function, telling time, while also delivering an aesthetically pleasing appearance through its leather bands and excellent faces. Sadly, the wristwatch fell victim to modernization, and as a result the once sleek and easy to read timepiece transformed into a large, overcomplicated mess of dials and readouts. This change angered many watch fanatics, as the older watches were both functional and fashionable. 

Luckily, many watch manufacturers began offering watches in designs that mimicked the stylish wristwatches of the past. However, these throwback watches often came at exorbitant prices that made them inaccessible for many consumers. Here to change this is Karl Leimon, a manufacturer of high quality timepieces that has unveiled a new line of wristwatches that manage to capture the elegance of classic watches without breaking the bank.

Karl Leimon wristwatches is the creation of a group of watch lovers living in Japan that decided to create the change they wanted to see in the watch market by correcting the over complication of modern watches and delivering a high quality product that captures the style of classic watches.

Karl Leimon watches fulfill this vision in every aspect, as every part of the watch – from its design to the manufacturing process – manages to emulate the high quality of the past while still inserting the many advances made in watches over the years. First and foremost, Karl Leimon watches feature a sleek, elegant design that incorporates high quality Italian calf leather, fine silver casing, and Anti Reflective sapphire glass. Additionally, the face of the watch itself follows the sizing conventions of classic watches, making it much smaller and  easier to wear, and features a moonphase display, a much sought after feature found in many premium watches. Every feature of the Karl Leimon watch line was carefully chosen and tweaked in order to create the most aesthetically pleasing watch on the market.

But best of all, Karl Leimon watches are affordable, a choice made in order to distinguish the brand from the competition in classic watches and allow for more people to enjoy the elegance of vintage timepieces without breaking the bank. In doing so, Karl Leimon has managed to provide the high quality, classic watch they wanted to wear while allowing everyone to enjoy this excellent timepiece.

For more information, visit the Karl Leimon web page.

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