Survive And Thrive In An Alien World With SpacerX – Dome Survival

Surviving in a hostile and alien environment is a daunting yet interesting task. Here to give players the chance to experience this rewarding challenge is SpacerX – Dome Survival.

SpacerX – Dome Survival is a new take on the multiplayer survival game genre that places players within a hostile biosphere floating somewhere in outer space. This dangerous location is home to six different zones, with each one housing a unique and equally dangerous environment for players to explore, harvest, and call home. The game itself is focused around the harvesting of resources and subsequent crafting of items with the materials gained from the surrounding area.

Players have the option of crafting dangerous weapons – which can be used for hunting or warfare– or the tools necessary to make allies and create a home. SpacerX – Dome Survival focuses on giving the players the tools necessary to survive in the wilds, then allowing them to forge their own play style. This means that every player, from the solitary one wolves to the most gregarious of social gamers, have a place within the dome. 

With work complete on the initial alpha version of the game, only one obstacle stands in the SpacerX – Dome Survival team’s way: funding. Creating a multiplayer survival game of this scope is a massive undertaking, one that requires both manpower and money to reach its full potential.

In order to generate the funds necessary for the developers to continue honing their game to perfection, the SpacerX – Dome Survival team has turned to Kickstarter in the hopes that people will see the promise within their game and donate. With reader support, SpacerX – Dome Survival can reach its full potential, allowing millions of players worldwide to experience a fully realized and varied survival game.

For more information, visit the SpacerX – Dome Survival Kickstarter page.

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Company Name: SpacerX – Dome Survival
Contact Person: Rapcsány Krisztián
Country: Hungary