New iOS app “Done is Better” will keep entrepreneurs focused And productive despite failures

Castle & Craft has come up with a new iOS motivation and productivity app “Done is Better” which will enable young entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives to stay focused and driven in times of failures and hardships.

Atlanta, GA – September 4, 2017 – Entrepreneurship is a tough track with challenges and hardships at almost every corner. Obstacles in business can be too testing at times forcing many promising entrepreneurs to sink down into paralyzing state of uncertainty and unproductivity. But not any more- a new iOS motivation and productivity app “Done is Better” has assured to change the grim reality for better. No it can’t eliminate the challenges in business but the unique app has proven to inspire young entrepreneurs to retain their focus and productivity even in the face of shattering adversity. 

The free app is developed by Castle & Craft, a lifestyle, tech, and fashion “mashup” site for creative youngsters and entrepreneurs. 

“We are excited to bring to you our new unique Motivational and Productivity app ‘Done is Better’. It is designed to help young entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives to maintain productivity and efficiency even in the midst of dire challenges and failures in business. The best part is that we have tested the app with our team and were amazed to see excellent results. We are positive that all other businesses and professionals out there too would immensely benefit from the app”, stated Vaughan Taylor the founder of Castle & Craft and developer of the new app.

Done is Better is bustling with motivational quotes to help users maintain positivity and zeal in times of failures and crisis. Vaughan mentioned about a bunch of great HD images in the app which keep on changing throughout the day to enable users to stay relaxed and inspired. Another important feature of the app is its streamlined task manager which is designed to minimize distractions and keep the mind concentrated on work & production. The task manager sports an intuitive user panel for ease of use.

“Failures are common in any business and we have seen how they affected the productivity of our team big time in the past. But in the spring of 2017, we developed this app as a task manager solely for our team and the results exceeded our expectations. It was an extremely busy period for us with fair mix of both successes and failures. But the best part was, unlike the past instances, the app helped our team to stay amazingly productive even during failures. It’s inspirational quotes and streamlined task management interface were just the things we had been waiting for to wade through our failures and avoid depression.”

Vaughan also stressed on the app’s “Daily Task Refresh” feature which helps one to start anew and afresh everyday. 

“We have seen that entrepreneurs might get paralyzed at times in the pursuit of perfection. And when they can’t reach to that peak, it’s like the end of the world for them. But we know it’s not. After all, the winner is the one who knows how to move on and work harder for results even after failure. Our app is designed to eliminate that ‘perfectionist paralysis’ blockage among young entrepreneurs so that they can stay proactive and productive, no matter how dire the circumstances are.”

Done is Better is available for download worldwide on Apple App Store. You can download it from

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