Private VPN Service reviews top 10 free VPN services of 2017

Popular virtual private network review site, Private VPN Service, compiles a comprehensive review of the top free VPN service providers of 2017

Virtual Private Network, otherwise known as VPN, has become increasingly popular over the years, with users of the internet looking for more ways to ensure their safety, security and privacy while they surf the net. A VPN helps users of the internet remain safe while online by masking the IP address and geographical location of the internet user in a way similar to how proxy works.

Virtual Private Network is however quite different from the regular proxy, as the entire internet connection is channeled through another server. This consequently gives the user ultimate privacy when surfing the web.

Virtual Private Networks also use advanced encrypted security, making sure that the connection is breached in any way. With the increasing restrictions from government of countries and threats from hackers especially when using public Wi-Fi and even private ISPs, the need for VPNs has become even more imperative.

Another benefit of using VPNS is that it allows users to connect and use content from other countries, which may be unavailable to individuals in the user’s home country. This is made possible as users can choose their favorite server, allowing them to unblock various content that were otherwise restricted. Countries like China have restricted their citizens from accessing some content on the internet. Thanks to reliable VPN service providers, individuals in such countries have been able to escape the restriction to access any content on the internet.

While Virtual Private Network or VPN basically allows users to unlock the world, the increase in the need for internet freedom has led many users of the internet to search for different VPN service providers. While some of these services are free, others come at a token. The increase in the demand for VPN has also led to the emergence of several service providers, with many of them offering services with quality far less than they claim.

In a bid to ensure that users of the internet get quality VPN services at remarkably affordable rates, Private VPN service has reviewed several free VPN service providers to come up with the top 10 free VPNs of 2017.

The review takes into consideration the quality of service provided by the different VPNs and makes a comparison between free VPN services and their paid counterparts. The team of IT experts at Private VPN Service subsequently came up with a list of 10 VPN providers that include HotSpot Shield, Private Tunnel, Cyber Ghost, and VPN Gate amongst others.

The review allows users of the internet to make quick and easy choice of VPN providers without wasting time and effort to browse the internet for the best VPNs. It also helps to save internet users the money required to get paid VPNs.

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