MEDIA BARTER EXCHANGE: A Unique Marketing Platform Delivering Content Promotion

4 September, 2017 – Media Barter Exchange, a unique marketing platform that is known for evoking high flying deeds when it comes to taking the lead in creating content discovery, proudly announces the launch of their platform that gives marketers all around the globe the maximum opportunity to get their content promoted. This platform was launched in a bid to bring about a redefined marketing experience like never before.

“Our mission is to assist all people to discover interesting, timely content which is relevant and can actually be trusted. We generate the process of connecting audiences to content, satisfy readers, generate impressive revenue, lead the engagements and foster consumers’ insights while uniting high-class marketers and publishers inside the most energized content marketplace across the globe,” said Ormita of Media Barter Exchange.

The company holds the first place in markets all across the world with their reach more than a half billion of people around the world on monthly basis. They advertise their clients’ content such that it appears on the web’s most reputable and biggest media properties such as CNN, ESPN, and People. As a result of which the attention of one’s target audience is attracted for the sake of better results and to generate higher profit in the business.

Media Barter Exchanges operations include 17 global offices as well as partnerships with marketers and publishers across more than 55 countries such as the U.S., France, UK, India, Brazil, and Japan which helps clients get in touch with audiences and foster long-term relationships with all readers. They also utilize the editorial and business rules in order to re-circulate visitors by directing traffic to the necessary content and sections, where it is required the most.

As pioneers who created the content discovery process for publishers, they highly value the fact that success relies upon the bond of trust between a publisher and audience. Likewise, they are ready and willing to provide all the assistance needed to discover the next steps to be taken.

The platform allows clients get in touch with their target audience via customized, flexible, pay-per-click model now and attract the traffic to blog, articles as well as your mobile-optimized or video content. Media Barter Exchange also helps clients to be in control of budget such that one can choose a daily budget and cost-per-click. Clients only need to pay for received visits until the daily budget is finally reached and it can be managed in a very simple manner.

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