VialCoin; the only cryptocurrency where transaction fees will be paid as a percentage!

VialCoin, designed with passion for the greater good

Vialcoin will be the only cryptocurrency that charges a small % as a fee, rather than the standard, nominal 0.001. All the fees will go back to the miners, and mining capacity will be limited per user. VialCoin believes that Bitcoin, and almost all other crypto’s out there have a MAJOR Issue that nobody is addressing:

Similarly to Bitcoin’s transaction fees, fiat money has tax. Tax money is supposed to come back to the tax payer in form of services, much in a way fees go back to the miners, except one is centralized, and controlled by government, the other decentralized and controlled by nobody. Tax, everywhere in the world is calculated in % and not as nominal. It just scales towards success this way, and cryptocurrencies should not be an exception, since they are a circulating store of value.

About VialCoin

Vialcoin is a peer o peer cryptocurrency designed with a social and open aspect in mind, full transparency and opened communication.

VialCoin is a very new concept and project, and although the final product isn’t quite ready yet, they have created a token on Waves, which will earn you passive compounding interest until final version will be ready to mine and have it’s independent blockchain. Give-away campaign still running. Claim your VialCoin Cryptocurrency free here

Vialcoin will incentivize registrations as much as possible, and offer rewards only to registered users in alpha stage. In their later stages, you will be able to actually see who you are sending money to from the wallet, if they are registered with Vialcoin. Trust, reliability and speed statistics will be added to all vendor profiles, making the Vialcoin network just as safe or as risky as you are.

With a solid scaling model, Universal Basic Income implementation and a design that adopts real live economic models, VialCoin is the One cryptocurrency you should be watching.

Final words: anonymity and privacy are important, true, but there are thousands of anonymous cryptocurrencies out there. Because the blockchain is extremely secure, there is no reason Not to have a “show-off” coin, where honest decent people can actually shine and teach others. This is all a new movement as well, and when governments decide to really clamp down on anonymous cryptocurrencies because of the money laundering they facilitate, Vialcoin will be in the best place to survive.

Social, fair, honest, secure and with a really long term plan. Despite it’s infancy, Vialcoin is shaping up as one of the most different cryptocurrencies out there.

Sign-up and today and claim your free cryptocurrency.

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