Fiercely Creative Corporation Is Launching A Revival Movement For Women Shattered By Divorce Or Breakups

The New Brand Called ‘Scarlett Cougar’ Will Be Launched At Orlando’s Surf Expo & It Will Revive These Women With All The Strength & Power That They Need To Face The World

Orlando, FL, USA – September 4, 2017 – Fiercely Creative Corporation has proudly announced that its new brand called Scarlett Cougar will be launched at the Orlando’s Surf Expo next week. The expo will take place in Orlando, Florida from September 7th to 9th and the company’s new brand will bring a fresh range of graphic pocketbooks, comic style greeting cards, and cougar juice wine kits. Created by an inspiring woman who successfully battled a long divorce, the new brand will bring joy to the troubled women worldwide that are dealing with the horrors of a bad divorce.

“Scarlett Cougar is more of a lifestyle brand and it brings a collection that speaks directly to the women emerging from divorce and taking back their lives with humor and spirituality,” said Sherry McGuire, CEO of Fiercely Creative Corp., while talking about the emerging brand. “We believe that it is more like a movement and in our soft launch at the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas last month, we received a phenomenal welcoming response from the women,” she added. Besides newly divorced women, the brand will also give strength to the women facing tough breakups or the demise of a long term relationship.

According to the CEO, the rising brand will partner to engage and excite consumers, retailers, and communities across the nation to celebrate life after divorce with culture support in product information, social media messaging, in-store displays and the website In addition, the brand is all about empowerment, strength, courage and hope to give the women a will to stand up on their feet and get back to a normal and happy life. The brand is an emerging sisterhood and a source of inspiration for women of all age groups because these women need strength to move on in their lives and in some cases, raise their kids to be stronger and better citizens of the rapidly evolving modern society.

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