LOS ANGELES, CA – 5 Sep, 2017 – MancaveMancave is an entertainment hub for domestic Neanderthals

MANCAVEMANCAVE.COM is an entertainment website for sports, music, comedy and sports featuring the new animated comic strip, “TRONK & BONKA.”

Every man needs a place to call his own. That place should have multiple screens, a WiFi signal, and Google Chromecast. LA based cartoonist and animator, Mike Browne, has created an entertainment website that combines popular YouTube videos with up-to-the-minute political insight using a Neanderthal cartoon character named “TRONK.” Any resemblance to the current US president is completely coincidental.

Tronk is one of the few survivors after the big bomb and considers himself to be caveman king. Being that there is no cellular or television signal available; he uses a rock tablet to communicate his authoritarian agenda. Tronk would start WWIV if not for Bonka who keeps him in line with her wooden club. No one is sure if Bonka is his daughter, wife, or ex-wife. Really, she is a combination of all three. is designed for Neanderthals in need of testosterone-based entertainment to watch between games. The “EXCELLENT VIDEOS” section has a playlist of important YouTube content that shapes the mind of the modern caveman. Every man should know Bo, Kobe, Chappelle, Michael, Tupac, Eminem, Ali, Bradbury, Deacon, Rocky, Earl, Bolt, Rodney, Richard, Felix, Wooden, Barry, Hank, Kareem, Biggie, Jimi, Dude Perfect, base jumping, F1, Airplane, and Sharknado.

The MancaveMancave blog discusses many topics relevant to the domestic Neanderthal. Mike welcomes pictures of your own mancave to start a gallery collection for comparison and the sharing of ideas. See his garage transformation on the website.

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