Holistic Dental Care Specialist, Dr. Philip Christie, Launches New Website

Dublin, Ireland – Dental health and care specialist, Dr. Philip Christie, has just  launched his new website, ‘Dental Health Synergy’. Dr. Christie aims to provide regular helpful and informative content on the whole subject of dental care with a primary focus on a more holistic approach overall.

Speaking on the subject of his launch, Dr. Christie said, “I am really excited about my new website as it will provide me with a superb platform for all the information I want to share. I will be adding so much more content over the coming months and years that I know will really help people get a greater understanding of the synergy that exists between our mouths and our bodies overall.”

Dr. Christie, whose qualifications include both a Masters degree in Periodontology (Gums and Prevention of Disease) and a Masters degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) positions him quite uniquely not only as a specialist dentist in the actual treatment of patients, but also as an expert in the therapeutic communication that helps patients overcome dental anxiety. He has helped countless people conquer this debilitating phobia allowing these individuals to finally get their power back. From this place of clarity they can at last get the treatment that have been avoiding for so long but that they also so badly need.

Typically, during the anxiety consultation process, Dr. Christie will go through and look at the difficult dental experiences that the client has encountered in the past. After going through the history and hindrances on why the treatment did not happen before, Dr. Christie helps the patient decide the appropriate dental anxiety treatment plan that suits them including the timing and the best way to structure their appointments. People who suffer with dental anxiety can find details on how to book a consultation with Dr. Christie on his website. The aim is to combine the best in therapeutic understanding with the best in dental care. During consultation, the dentist provides a step-by-step process on how his clients with dental anxiety can dissolve their fear and feel welcome in a safe and relaxed environment. Click here to find out more about this process.

Dr Christie further went on to explain, “People suffering with Dental Anxiety or any anxiety for that matter are perfectly normal and once the anxiety is understood, the consultation process will often greatly exceed even their highest expectations. There is a great and positive gift hidden in the difficult emotion of anxiety”.

Apart from being a highly accomplished and experienced dentist, Dental Health Synergy’s Dr. Philip Christie is also the author of the book titled ‘Something to Chew On: A Mouth Map to Health’. The book comes highly recommended. It not only provides information on how to maintain healthy teeth but it also provides a simple holistic approach that demonstrates the clear connection between the mind and the body of the person. The book reveals how people can have healthy teeth for life without treatment and describes how our mouth speaks to us and guides us in the direction to excellent health.

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