Sharing in passion, the 2nd Super SAC built the LARGEST elite car owners’ feast

On August 27, bearing the passion and courage of confronting with the Typhoon Pakhar, the 2nd Super SAC was organized in Guangdong International Circuit (GIC) of Zhaoqing City. Near one thousand of car lovers attended this great fair in fierce storm with not only the passion to auto sports culture, but also their great support in building the Super SAC.

Adhering to the will of “Originating from the demand of car owners, Listening to the true voice of them” and the sharing spirit from various auto clubs and car owners, Super SAC creatively gathered the strength of TOP 12 luxury auto brand clubs and private brand auto clubs. On site, there came over 500 cars and near 1000 elite car owners with multiple wonderful activities, including the pose of “ET”by Tesla, 0-100 meters drag race, the “Land Cruiser(LC) Cup”Off-road Challenge Race in Zhaoqing City, the ultimate match between Tesla and Nissan GTR, and the Super SAC party sponsored by Euro Best. Car owners together built a sharing platform for self-presenting and communicating, and a unprecedented elite car owners sharing carnival in China with the features of profession, internationalization and internetization.

Meanwhile, in the process of registration for the “LC Cup”Off-road Challenge Race in Zhaoqing City which was hosted by Super SAC, it was in record time to have the registration exceeding the expectation and quota of this challenge race in just THREE HOURS. Lately it was expected there would be near 1000 attendees.

Comparing with the first Super SAC held in Nansha District of Guangzhou City in 2016, in which fair there came over 40 luxury auto clubs and over 200 audiences, audience number of the 2nd Super SAC surged to near 10 times over that of the first Super SAC.

Originating from the sharing of car owners and auto clubs, this is a feast for all the Chinese elite car owners.

This activity was initiated by Super SAC, co-hosted by various luxury auto clubs and co-organized by UNI, Bond First and Car Owners’ Reports. As a national and annual feast for car owners in China, the 2nd Super SAC attracted auto clubs from whole China to attend this fair with their support including, superior resources sharing, cars posing, aerial-photographing, model airplanes flying, motors circling, off-road challenge racing, 0-100 meters race and 0-400 meters race, etc. The sharing and enthusiasm of these auto clubs, whom were the co-hosts and participants of the 2nd Super SAC, could be found in the aspects of site planning, materials sponsoring, and the planning and organizing of every single event.

The co-hosts were constitutive of various Chinese luxury auto clubs, including Jaguar Canton Club(JCC), Super Jaguar China Club(SJCC), Shanghai Jaguar Club(SJC), Zhejiang Jaguar Club(ZJC), Guangdong Land Cruiser Club, T Troop Tesla Auto Club, Guangdong Youwei Fleet, Guangzhou Audi Q5 Auto Club, Guangdong Cadillac Auto Club, PRD MINI Auto Club, Guangdong Smart Club, 430 Motorcycle Club, Guangdong Benz GLC Auto Club, Foshan Cadillac Auto Club, Dongguan Audi Auto Club, Luxury Car Family Club, and Bond First Club, Top Speed Luxury Club etc.

Media Producer of UK Silverstone was invited as a Special Guest, internationalizing of the Chinese car owners activity.
Media Producer of UK Silverstone, Ms. Cecilia Zheng, was invited as a Special Guest and the Host to present this fair in a professional and international manner, building a bridge for the communication and connection between the Chinese Car Culture and that of the World.

Lately, Ms. Cecilia expressed that it was amazing to have Super SAC arranging in such a professional manner in both the racing organization and car owner sharing activity. She gave her applause to rising Chinese auto culture and expected to be an assistant in helping the connection between Super SAC and UK automobile field.

0-100 Drag Race on professional F3 racing track, the participation of private cars PEAKED the 2nd Super SAC

The 2nd Super SAC was arranged in Guangdong International Circuit, on whose F3 racing track there came in a professional manner the 0-100 meters and 0-400 meters drag races among multi-brand vehicles. “NO races come on the road”! It was the first time for Chinese auto amateurs to conduct a 0-100 drag race on professional track, within which the drivers used ALL private vehicles in the private original group match. Applying the AMB timing system, which was appointed by the world-level races to precisely measure the racing statistics, these races were much objective, interactive, professional and safer over that of the drag races on non-professional racing tracks by demo cars, media cars and professional racing cars from other media institutions and non-governmental organizations. Feedback was given by many car owners taking part in the races, saying that these drag races were really excited, professional and safe. These participants later tweeted on their Wechat that these races were incredible and fantastic.

After in-depth communication with various luxury auto clubs and car owners, on-the-spot investigation of several circuits and racing tracks in Guangdong, and review of other racing activities, Super SAC adopted the brand-new play—0-100 meters drag race, which was grouped into 3 groups, including the original private vehicles group, the refitted vehicles group, and the super cars group. Among which besides the super-car representative from 3 Seconds super car, there were numerous rare refitted “Monster” vehicles, for instance, Benz SLS AMG, Porsche 911 Turbo, refitted GT-R, Mazda RX-7, etc. In the most eye-catching match among electrocars and ICE cars, BYD Tang SUV counterattacked A45 AMG when the Tesla P100D defeated Nissan GTR, which races stirred up the attention and passion of all the netizen watching online. Though the 0-400 meters drag races were canceled due to Typhoon Pakhar, the 0-100 drag races still went on wheels and peaked the atmosphere inside and outside the circuit, assuring fun and safe races to the car lovers.

Applying the AMB timing system, which was appointed by the world-level races to precisely measure the racing statistics, the timing accuracy reached to 0.0001 second with 7 cameras, 2 monitoring meters for the entire racing record to assure the true, effective, and timely scores. Meanwhile, over 30 professional racing staffs were engaged in the site layout, whom adopted the match-level ad material design to create a professional racing environment.

“ET” Pose by Tesla Club, staging epic drag races

Zero-emission car representative, Tesla, became the ambassador for environmental protection in the 2nd Super SAC. 30 Tesla cars provided by T Troop Tesla Auto Clubs posed on site the letters of “ET”in fierce storm, which symbolized “E”nvironmental and “T”esla, together with Super SAC to make an appeal to all the elite car owners for environmental protection.

In the match, the wonderful finale was staged by Tesla MODEL S P100D and Nissan GTR, representing a competition between ICE vehicles and the future electrocars. Racer Han Feng from T Troop Tesla Auto Club triumphed over Nissan GTR with overwhelming superiority, creating a historical feat in auto field. Previously, most of the experienced car lovers would consider electrocars as “toys” but no real automobiles. It was expressed by many car owners on site or on line that they will re-evaluate the electrocars like Tesla after this race. Where there is a dispute, there is the development. Super SAC adheres to the wills of “Originating from the demand of car owners, Listening to the true voice of them”and “Demanding and Sharing of Car Owners” to present new technology and future trend for elite car owners. The future has come for them.

In-depth reports by media at home and abroad with extensive influence

The unprecedented races hosted by Super SAC attracted the in-depth reports by in aggregate over 50 media from various portal webs and auto vertical webs, including Sohu Auto, Autohome, X-CAR, PC Auto, Netease Auto, Touch TV, Draphy, ModiAuto, Toutiao, etc, with cumulatively over 50 million netizens following the races.

At the showcase, Super SAC apply the most popular webcast technology and exclusively cooperated with Huajiao, the live webcast platform to webcast the entire activity, which cumulatively attracted over 120,000 netizens.

At the same time, numerous international media leading by Weinspried, the media producing and promoting company for UK Silverstone, had reported and followed this event. Super SAC will be built into a notable auto activity IP which is favored by national elite car owners in virtue of full spectrum of media influence in China and even around the world.

“Land Cruiser(LC) Cup” Off-road Challenge Race in Zhaoqing City, rewriting the Chinese record

“LC Cup”Off-road Challenge Race in Zhaoqing City, another material part of Super SAC racing event, was hosted by Super SAC, co-organized by Guangdong LC Club, Zhaoqing Off-road Auto Sports Association, and with an aim of collecting the off-road elite from every corner of China and building the best off-road elite race. It was greatly followed by famous off-road racers, such as Mr. Huijian Jiang and many others. The registration was in record time to far exceed the expectation and quota of this challenge race in just THREE HOURS, which rewrote the record of off-road registration in China.

Due to the influence of typhoon, Organization Committee of Super SAC decided to delay the “LC Cup”Off-road Challenge Race in Zhaoqing which should have been held during August 25th to August 27th. The detail of this race will be published by Organization Committee later.

Then this off-road race will be expected to be organized at the Beiling Square in Zhaoqing City, welcoming over 200 racers from Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian to enjoy this passionate off-road carnival. The aggregate number of racers and audiences is expected to be near 1000 people.

With the positive sharing and participation of various auto clubs and car owners, the 2nd Super SAC has successfully been labeled as an annual auto activity for car owners’ sharing with its consistent adhesion to the will of “Originating from the demand of car owners, Listening to the true voice of them”. The success is due to Mr. Kention Huang, known as KK for car lovers and the founding partner of Growth Asia Capital(GAC), the President of Organization Committee of Super SAC, founder of Jaguar Canton Club(JCC) and Super Jaguar China Club(SJCC) and his team, they consistently pursue the sharing spirit and promote to their utmost the professionalization, systematization, internetization, and capitalization of “Elite Car Owners’ Sharing”.

Certainly, this activity wouldn’t be successful without the great support of Zhaoqing Tourism Board, Zhaoqing Auto Sports Association. With the strong activity planning and policy support, it was ultimately built into a national carnival for car owners in virtue of the strength of mutual help and sharing among car owners.

Sharing makes every possibility. Let us cheer for the sharing among car owners!

Super SAC will be better and better with more and more car owners’ participation in China and the world!

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