Acclaimed as ‘Pocket Symphonies’, Jo Potter’s New Album and Music are Going Places

Singapore – Her songs have been described as pocket symphonies, and her performances arousing every primal instinct known to man. Acclaimed singer, song writer and flautist, Jo Potter is now busy promoting her album ‘Saved’, which has earned her rave reviews.

Though pop songs in their essence, Jo Potter gives her songs a symphony like existence with diverse nuances, shades and colors. They can be propulsive, or soothing to the core, but every song on the album ‘Saved’ is a tribute to the power of authentic music.

The title track of ‘Saved’ is smoothness itself, and its sincere sounds and emotional charm compels with a new force. This title is a genuine plea for a loved one to return, says a review. Another track, ‘Good’ takes a leap into Jo’s wilder side and reveals her insane amount of talent and songwriting skills.

‘Saved’ features the melodious Jo strike a perfect harmony with the moods of guitar that ebb and flow across space. And ‘In Time’ reveals the evocative voice of Jo come out carrying a Tori Amos like twist.

“Overall, Jo’s finding herself in the middle of a mix that sounds like Sass Jordan, Fiona Apple, Wild Strawberries, Esthero and Bonnie Raitt on this cut,” said one review.

Born in the US and beginning her musical journey when she was only three, Jo Potter lives in Singapore, and is today critically acclaimed for her singing, song writing and her award winning performances on flute, as well as hack guitar and piano. Her appearances on stage include the famed Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Korea’s Elite Concert series in Korea, the opening act for the GoGo’s in Miami Beach, and at other acclaimed venues around the US, such as The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, the Bluebird Café in Nashville, and the Bowery in New York City.

“Potter is perfectly capable of assembling a song from nothing but honesty and wordplay,” says a review. Jo Potter demonstrates those rare qualities that world class singers aspire to, namely a powerful range, and a raw and gritty under-bite.

“Jo Potter overflows with coy cleverness, deploying her wit and emotion with precision on this album. These songs are almost like character studies, sometimes perceptive, mostly contemplative, and at others, spiked with just the right amount of love, joy and indulgence,” says JamSphere Magazine.

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