Bruno Lin And Julien Long Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Their Moovy Bag Project

Bruno Lin and Julien Long look to raise funds on Kickstarter for Moovy Bag – The Essential All-in-one Device Carry.

Bruno Lin and Julien Long, founders of OUI Smart, a company dedicated to delivering sustainable, high quality tech solutions that improve everyday life, have announced that their Kickstarter fundraiser is now live for Project Moovy Bag. The Moovy is an innovatively designed bag for charging all devices conveniently anywhere.

“We are proud to bring to you, the amazing Moovy Bag, a bag that allows you to charge all your devices from one convenient place, regardless of your location,” says Bruno Lin. “It is the most high-tech bag ever and comes with a string of advanced features. We are live on Kickstarter now and have already announced early bird prices for those who contribute to the fundraiser on or before 8/10/17.”

The Moovy Bag is an essential bag that can charge all types of devices. Users can get instant freedom from briefcases and laptop cases when they choose this creatively designed bag. The sleek, modern high-tech backpack can help users remain organized and connected, on the go.

The Moovy Bag comes with built-in magnetic charging solutions and retractable USB-C cable for laptop hub charging. The flexible solar panel is not only the thinnest but also the lightest. The strong light absorption makes charging superfast. Users can charge 50 per cent of iPhone in just one hour with Moovy Bag. The bag comes with features like fast self-charging Smart IC Technology, Qualcomm QC 3.0 and Power Delivery 3.0 in its 25000mAh power bank.

The Moovy Bag is a wireless sharing device with high value features like extra storage via Micro SD card, mobile applications, iOS and Android USB-C hub and more. Users can use the bag to organize things smartly. The anti-shake board and the back and quick access pockets add to user convenience. It has a fully functional interior. The Moovy Bag comes with flexible straps and allows users to switch the use of bag as a backpack to shoulder bag.

Bruno Lin adds that the bag comes with protection for charge and discharge. It is temperature resistant and has output over voltage protection and reset mechanism. Other features include short circuit protection, input over voltage protection and output over current protection.

The Moovy Go Hub has 2 USB ports which allow users to charge two devices simultaneously such as Bluetooth accessories, Smartwatch and any electronics USB powered devices. It is designed to fit on board and charge the devices with magnets. The Moovy Bag also allows users to share content with their friends and colleagues via Wi-Fi.

The fundraiser campaign started on Kickstarter attempts to raise €20,000 to fund the project. The deadline for meeting the funding target is 14 September, 2017.

About Moovy Bag:

The Moovy Bag is an ambitious project by Bruno Lin and Julien Long. It is an essential all-in-one bag that can be used for carrying and charging all types of devices. The modern, high-tech backpack is a great way to remain organized and connected while on the go. The Moovy Bag comes with a series of highly valuable features designed to enhance user convenience.

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