Philip M. Jepsen Launches Campaign On Kickstarter To Finance His Dream Project Mermaid Statues of Earth

Philip M. Jepsen takes to Kickstarter to finance his project Mermaid Statues of Earth – A Beautiful Coffee Table Book.

Philip M. Jepsen, author and entrepreneur, and a mermaid enthusiast, has announced that he is taking the Kickstarter route to finance his project Mermaid Statues of Earth – A Beautiful Coffee Table Book. It is the world’s first book on mermaid statues and sculptures found all over the Earth.

“My trip through Iowa brought me face to face with a replica of The Little Mermaid statue in Kimballton in 2012 and that incident triggered my interest in this project, says Philip M. Jepsen. “This book celebrates 160 Mermaid Statues from across the world. It includes fabulous photographs of mermaids along with interesting facts and legends.”

According to Philip, there are well over 160 mermaid statues and sculptures available for public viewing at various destinations all over the world. These statues span centuries and continents of magnificent artwork in various types of materials such as bronze, granite, marble, concrete and others.

Most of these mermaid statues are public works of art. In some cases they are privately commissioned pieces. These are displayed in places where they can be viewed by anyone. Some of the iconic mermaids featured in the book include the famous statue in Copenhagen of “The Little Mermaid” – an icon of Copenhagen and of Denmark.

The book also features the popular mermaid statues of Helsinki and Warsaw. Other statues displayed in the book are from China, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Europe, New Zealand, England, the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, and many other global destinations.

The Mermaid Statues of Earth – A Beautiful Coffee Table Book is an important project as there is absolutely no record of mermaid statues anywhere. There are no details of mermaid sculpture art present across the world. Philip M. Jepsen is the first person to do research on the subject and locate the mermaid statues. He has also developed the website called Mermaids of Earth.

The book that Philip M. Jepsen intends to publish will be in high quality print. It is in a large coffee table style book and has amazing photos of mermaids along with historical details and background information on most of them. Philip garnered these details by interviewing artists and sponsors and other people with a passion for this unique subject.

The book is just under 200 pages in full color photos of mermaid statues. It will be 12 x 12″ in size, to showcase the statues in vivid detail. The book also has a section on the origin and mythology of mermaids, and has references to the website pages where more information and the location of these mermaids can be found.

The Kickstarter campaign by Philip M. Jepsen will aim to raise $25000 to fund various areas of the project. The deadline for the project funding is 17 September, 2017.

About Mermaid Statues of Earth – A Beautiful Coffee Table Book:

Mermaid Statues of Earth is a project by Philip M. Jepsen which attempts to catalogue the most popular and iconic mermaid statues from across the globe in a coffee table book. The project is one of its kind and will contain color photographs and detailed information about each mermaid.

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