Custom Bobble offers Massive Discount on its products

Popular Online Shop and Bobblehead doll manufacturer, Custom Bobble announces its offer of 10% discount on its wares

Custom Bobble is one of the leading manufacturers of custom bobble head and the company recently announced its 10% discount offer on its products, allowing its customers across the globe get more of its quality bobblehead.

Customers get the 10% discount when they like Custom Bobble on the popular social media channel, Facebook. The simple act allows customers to enjoy discounts that amount to a couple of dollars. With a wide range of bobblehead to choose from as well as custom bobblehead for special occasions and persons, the offer ensures that lovers of bobblehead get a unique gift item at an amazingly affordable price.

Custom Bobble also offers volume discount pricing for customers ordering a large volume of custom bobble for special events like weddings, birthdays and other such occasions. This allows them to make the event as special and personalized as possible while saving some dollars.

The popular categories of bobble head from Custom Bobble include Personal iPhone Holder and Steve Jobs Bobblehead & Invicible Gifts. Other popular categories of BobbleHead from the popular manufacturer include sports bobblehead, engagement anniversary, wedding favors, mothers’ day, business bobble head and bobblehead for pet gifts.

Other popular generic categories of custom bobblehead include beach volleyball custom bobblehead, baseball custom bobblehead, female soccer custom bobblehead, Female Volleyball and beach volleyball custom bobblehead and Female Custom Dentist Bobblehead.

Each bobblehead from Custom Bobble is perfect for personalized gift, as the company offers a wide range of unique and personalized bobblehead. The quality of products and the creativity behind the wares have increased the popularity of the brand across the globe, as they are 100% handmade and can be made from just a photo.

Custom Bobble also offers discounts to customers that take part of the survey on the company’s website, as well as an affiliate program that allows referrers and lovers of bobblehead to earn 10% of sale. This is in a bid to ensure that the products are as affordable as possible, while ensuring that customers across the globe are aware of the uniqueness and benefits of choosing Custom Bobble for their personalized gift ideas.

As an online company, the process of getting a personalized bobblehead is simple and can be completed in a few minutes with a couple of clicks and the submission of a photo. Customers only need to sign up and follow through with the instructions.

Custom Bobble offers a unique way of sharing gifts, as opposed to the common gift ideas that have become obsolete over time. Custom Bobble also offers a safe and secure payment platform through PayPal.

About Custom Bobble

Custom Bobble is a leading manufacturer and online store of bobblehead. The company founded over a decade ago, has helped solve the problem of getting unique gift ideas with a wide range of customized bobblehead.

As opposed to the cliché gift ideas, bobblehead ensures that every gift is unique to each individual and event. The company, thanks to its team of highly-experienced and dedicated workforce is able to customise any design of bobblehead to look exactly like the receiver of your gift.

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