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2017 has been an exciting year for cryptocurrencies, and the internet and investing world are abuzz about this new growing commodity.  Cryptocurrencies, for the uninitiated, are digital currencies secured by encryption techniques to keep tabs on generation of new currency, and verify transfers of funds without involving a central bank in the process.  What does that mean in layman’s terms?  A purely digital currency which, while having value for trade, sale, and exchange, are not tied to the vagaries of national currencies.

“You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust” – John McAfee, Founder of McAfee

How exciting has this time been?  Bitcoin skyrocketed in value from $537 in August of 2016, to a mind-boggling $4764 just a year later.  With well over $2000 of that climb took place just since the beginning of Aug ‘17. Other forms of cryptocurrency are experiencing activity that is just as exciting as the world discovers what Cryptocurrencies are and what they mean for the future of trade and finances.

“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.” – Tyler Winklevoss, Co-creator of Facebook

A Moment Of Synergy – Social Media Undergoing a Revolution

Trust us, this isn’t a non-sequitur, and we’re going to get to why in just a moment.  Social Media has been a huge force in the world, initially as a excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family members in today’s busy world, and now as a marketing powerhouse that puts consumers in touch with the companies they love. Even more exciting, platforms like YouTube have turned a method of sharing silly cat videos, music, and opinions into a viable method of content creators to make a living.  Social Media has officially changed what it means to ‘have a job’ in today’s world, and that is exactly what is driving the revolution we mentioned.

Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. – Amy Jo Martin

Artists, political pundits, advice ‘columnists’, and make-up gurus, just to name a few out of thousands of possible examples, have been forced to use the existing platforms for lack of options.  The problem is that the majority of these platforms generate incredible amounts of income for the website owners, essentially serving as the middle men between the creators of this content and their followers. 

While we follow our favorite content creators and cheer on their offerings and show them support and love while they do what they love, its the website owners that are making the profit.  Does this seem fair?  Essentially all these companies have done is provide a method of reaching this content, and a way for it to be presented.  That’s not nothing, but the balance of income is out of balance with the work involved.  Creators and consumers alike have grown tired of this paradigm, and that’s where the revolution is headed.

Alepy Network – The Hero Social Media Needs

So what do these two concepts have to do with each other?  We’d like to introduce you to Alepy, a decentralized platform for creating, editing, and sharing content. Alepy was conceived and created with a passionate drive to overcome the imbalance in the current social media industry by leveraging blockchain technology.  Blockchain technology is the technology that ensures that cryptocurrencies can function securely, remain accountable, and yet protect the confidential information of the people that use the system.

Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.” – Mark McKinnon

This technology has been leveraged to create a new cryptocurrency, ALP, that will be used as part of Alepy’s platform to reward users and creators alike. In the world Alepy has created, content creators will be rewarded for posting their content to the Alepy site, and consumers will be awarded for supporting their favorite creators by reviewing, observing, and showing ‘appreciation’ of the content produced.

How’s this all work?  Creators have a certain amount of Alepy Community Reward (ACR), which serves as the basis of how much they can earn on the network for their posts.  They then get to set how much of the ACR they earn gets returned to those consumers who are reviewing, observing, or ‘appreciating’ their content.  So both the consumer and the creator get rewarded for using the platform.  Once the amount of reward the content creator can earn has been generated by consumers viewing it, the reward from the creator to the consumers stops being paid out for future viewers.

What Can Be Done With These Rewards?

So we’ve been talking about Alepy’s ACR and how it used as a reward system for creators and consumers alike.  But what does this actually mean?  ACR is convertible to ALP at a rate of 50 ACR for 1 ALP, and as a cryptocurrency ALP becomes available for trade and commerce on the booming cryptocurrency markets.  As more and more users join the Alepy network and use it to build and share content, the more the value of ALP will grow, benefiting everyone who uses it.  Whether they keep this currency, convert it to other cyrptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Etherium), or turn it into fiat currency (like the USD, GBP, or Euro) is up to the owner.

In this new paradigm, the creators of content and the consumers will finally be getting the piece of the pie they deserve for making their social media platform succeed.  This is the future of the internet, where rewards and shares of income are provided to the users without who the internet would be a cold and lonely place.  Isn’t it time that you starting getting your piece of the pie for making the internet great?

Starting 1st September 2017 a pre-sale of Alepy’s ALP will be starting, letting savvy investors getting a head start on the future of the Alepy platform.  With the official launch of the Alepy site taking place in October, it’s a great opportunity for those taking advantage of the pre-sale.  The cryptocurrency world is on fire, and it’s a prime time for those looking to be part of the social media revolution and the future of content sharing and consumption!

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