Indian Music Composer Sam D Raj trending Global

A crystalline work of an Indian Film Composer Sam D Raj. Recently launched a World music album, titled Global Sanskiti ( meaning – Global Culture or Heritage ). Released in the US and Europe last week. These gleaming compositions by this Indian composer fulfill the high-modernist beau ideal; giving a world in a box. The music from the composer has intense love for nature at its most pure; carefully chosen timbres of strings and percussion with solo piano and ethnic instruments caress as often as they collide. 

Most of his compositions are instrumental pieces – no lyrics – that somehow pressed a lot of emotional music buttons. 

This young talented composer’s previous albums, Lounge Mahal & Musickantra are very popular World Music albums in Europe, Northern Asia and Middle East. When interviewed – The composer — young, intense — composes almost exclusively about sad things: hopelessness, death, depression, you get the idea. 

Ideal for easy listening and world music lovers. Unfortunately this talented young composer Sam D Raj is not as popular in his own country, even some of the music labels in his own country is yet to identify his talent and his compositions. His cozy state of the art recording studio is in the middle of South Indian Film industry in Chennai, India. He has composed music for few Indian Films and also working on few more films which are waiting for the release towards the end of this year. | 

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