S. Xavier Allen Plans To Grow And Develop The Economy Of Ward 6.

S. Xavier Allen Enters Council Race for Ward 6

Increasing opportunities for more entrepreneurial investments and economic development!

OHIO – S. Xavier Allen, an educator an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College, is proud to announce to the general public at large, especially to the City of Cleveland about his plans towards developing and growing Ward 6 as he has entered the race for Councilman of Ward 6.  His intention is to provide opportunities for growth, such as creating awareness for poverty reduction, strengthening Community Development Corporations (CDC) and other community focused organizations, increasing access to healthy food by putting a grocery store in the Ward and so many other opportunities.

S. Xavier Allen made known to the general public about his intensions and urges everyone to be part of this growth. In his speech, he said: “Overall, we can increase the value of Ward 6 by keeping the streets clean and safe. Creating opportunities for the youth through secondary job training and entrepreneurial programs. Working with all of our CDC’s to help improve our Ward and attract new Build outs, companies and expansion that doesn’t displace those who are already here, but strengthens them, employs them and benefits the community as a whole.”

In his blueprint, he talked about his vision for the community. His vision which he categorized into five elements and they include; Economy, Housing, Education, Honoring Seniors, and the Safety.

Education: His plan is to see that Ward 6 youths are seen at the top of academic performance in the country.  At the same time, graduating high school with work related marketable skills.

Health: Xavier plans to provide the platform for everyone in the Ward to have access to quality food, access to health and fitness training activities. He also plans to support and increase community farming.

Housing: Xavier plans to increase home ownership and raise property values by improving the quality of affordable housing within Ward 6 and creating quality opportunities for renting houses.

Safety: His vision is to increase community involvement in community safety activities and also increase community-law enforcement collaborations.  Let’s work together for a safer Ward 6.

Economy: Xavier’s plan is to support local businesses and encourage new business development, and to coordinate education and resources to develop a pipeline of entrepreneurs.

Xavier is the right choice councilman in Ward 6 as he has invested his lifetime in preparing for this work and wants to do it. He loves Cleveland and our communities, and is excited to get to work for the community’s collective good. Xavier’s passion towards the development of the people of Ward 6 and communities globally knows no bounds and he believes he can achieve whatever he sets out to achieve with optimism and dedication.

About Xavier

Xavier is an educator and a teacher at Cuyahoga Community College and he has taught and consulted in mathematics & quantitative analysis, curriculum development, educational design, business development, and personal development. He is deeply committed to empowering people and communities globally. He is an intentional listener and has the ability to have meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life.

Contact Information

For more information about Xavier’s vision and to follow his blueprint for growth, click here. For donation and support, visit his official website by clicking here.

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