Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd Introduces Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine for Common Faults & Solutions

With years of specialization in the cable and wire harness industry, Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd now offers fully automatic wire cutting stripping machines used for checking faults and adjust the diameter value and the transmission line to offer the solution.

The automatic wire stripping machine introduced by Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd can check the cutting depth of the line and adjust the diameter accordingly. The machine can adjust the gap between the line and the wire transfer rounds automatically and makes the task easier for the operator.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have fully automatic terminal crimping machines for the wiring harness industry. These machines are designed for the both side stripping and crimping and can also used for one side sealing. The machines are meant for a wide range of applications and are capable of both horizontal and vertical crimping of various brands. Moreover, the machine supports different optical devices, including conveyor belts and vibration plates.

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd Introduces Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine for Common Faults & Solutions

The company specializes in producing a significant crimping tool range that is suitable for manual crimping of many kinds of terminals. These pneumatic tools are powered by dual-action normal cylinder, which ensures an adequate crimping force and speed. The efficient crimping tools can work on all kinds of die sets for crimping and are suitable for different application range. With a simple design and a gross weight of just 6kg, the machine is easier to handle to carry out the crimping task manually.

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd has introduced the CSC-508MAX2 wire cutting stripping machine that is specially designed for cutting and stripping of large gauge wires. This heavy duty machine can easily process large diameter cables of up to 75 sq mm. With a cutting length of around 1 to 99999mm and stripping length of 0 to 150mm, the machine has an adequate memory function to store up to 99 group programs. According to the spokesperson, the machine can process cables of different materials, such as PVC, Teflon and other fiberglass cables. To know more about this heavy duty machine and other automatic or manual wire processing machines the company supplies, one can visit the website

About Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd has the specialization in cable and wire harness industry for many years. The main products include fully automatic terminal crimping machine, wire stripping machine, applicator, wire crimper, tube cutting machine etc. The company mainly supplies the M/C to US, AU and EU, and is familiar with the quality and certification issue of these markets. As the OEM manufacturer of international companies, they also work with known groups, such as Bosch, Honeywell, Delphi, Lear Corporation and others.

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