AMB Inkjet Material Shows How Printable Wallpaper Can Add To the Beauty of Home Decoration

AMB Inkjet Material is a professional supplier of printable wallpapers and which can be a quality home Decoration material to enhance the beauty of the walls of a building.

People looking for a quick, affordable and dependable solution to enhance the beauty of their built space can now purchase from a wide range of printable wallpapers from China based AMB Inkjet Material. The company produces environment-friendly printable wallpapers, which use eco-solvent or water base inks.

The Overseas Manager of the company, Molly Wang reveals that the printable wallpaper not only decorates the walls, but it can also bridge the cracks and fissures to protect walls. Since wallpapers cover the cracks, there are little chances of little creatures and insects to create their home inside the walls. The wall covering is micro porous and thus allows walls to breathe and avoid heating. According to Molly, they use fire resistant and heat resistant coating on the wallpaper material and also use different fibers in manufacturing the printable wallpapers.

AMB Inkjet Material Shows How Printable Wallpaper Can Add To the Beauty of Home Decoration

The company supplies the printable wallpaper that is easy to use and easy to remove as well. It gives people a flexibility to change or update the wall Decoration at an affordable cost and in an effortless manner. There are a wide variety of wallpaper designs available that are suitable for different types of rooms and buildings. The white wallpaper material is friendly to the digital printers and can allow printing attractive designs very quickly. Moreover, the PVC coated wallpaper material is durable for using on the walls and expecting a long lasting performance.

AMB Inkjet offers both coated and non-coated wallpaper for printing with high quality PVC coated base paper. They also supply textured wallpaper materials that are suitable for 3D printing. One can choose from a wide range of textures and can pick the perfect wallpaper for their home, office or shop. These wallpapers can be used on different walls and for a variety of purposes. With an adequate density paper and glitter foaming, the textured wallpapers are achieved for printing, which are visually appealing and functionally advantageous.  To know more about these wallpapers, one can visit the website

About AMB Inkjet Material

AMB Inkjet is a professional manufacturer of white printable wallpaper and mural base material in China. The company started its operations in the year 2014 and currently has a strong workforce of over 80 employees. They have own factory that is spread over 100,000 square meters. They specialize in the production of inkjet wallpaper base, PVC coated wallpaper base, Fabric backing wallpaper base and other new types of materials for Eco solvent ink and Water base ink.

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