Joshua Moten Picks Indiegogo To Start Crowdfunding Campaign For Project PowerWatch

Joshua Moten starts fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for PowerWatch project.

Joshua Moten, entrepreneur and disabled marine has announced the start of a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for his project PowerWatch. It is a unique, sophisticated device that allows people to keep their phone charged at crucial moments of their lives.

“PowerWatch is a device developed to help people get along without having to worry about their mobile phone getting fully discharged,” says Joshua Moten who is a disabled marine. “When you have the PowerWatch, you need not carry charging cables or bulky wireless charging cases. I will be using the funds raised to build a working prototype and for manufacturing Beta products.”

Joshua believes that PowerWatch becoming a reality will be a blessing as it can help people remain connected with their loved ones without losing charge of their mobile phones anytime. This can be extremely important at crucial times. If the phone charge is down to five per cent, it can gradually be charged fully with PowerWatch.

The idea of PowerWatch came to Joshua a couple of years back when he was in the Marine Corps. He had bought his mobile phone for one of the routine field operations but the phone kept losing power and h also kept losing the power cords. He started looking at power alternatives. Solar power was considered but ruled out as the sun was not always up and available. Wind power was also not a very viable option. Hydro power was not even worth considering.

The PowerWatch phone charger is an innovative device that makes it possible to charge mobile phones without using any wire connections. The PowerWatch comes with many useful features. The wireless charger is qi compatible and comes with a rechargeable Li ion battery. The sleek and lightweight device is easy to carry around. It can be made backward compatible with older models of phones through a power inlet. The PowerWatch can be worn without any hassle as it is water resistant too.

Joshua Moten has taken to Indiegogo for funding the PowerWatch project because he does not have the funds to handle such a project. At the same time, it is imperative to raise funds for creating a working prototype of the watch. Joshua requires a minimum budget of $35,000 for making a working prototype of the PowerWatch.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is attempting to raise the needed amount of $35,000 as a flexible amount. Joshua Moten has announced several incentives for contributors to the campaign depending on their level of participation in the campaign.

About PowerWatch Mobile Charger:

The PowerWatch mobile charger is an innovative device that’s the brainchild of Joshua Moten, a disabled marine and wannabe entrepreneur. The PowerWatch has been designed to charge mobile phones on the go. It can charge any mobile wirelessly and gradually to 100 per cent on the go without any hassle. It is a device that can be extremely handy at critical times.

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