Introducing Something Better Podcast Hosted by Amy Loftus

Every Tuesday beginning this Fall 2017, tune in to Something Better, a new podcast hosted by Amy Loftus.


Amy Loftus is a singer songwriter devoted to helping people realize their dreams. A lifelong fascination with Jungian thought and masculine and feminine energies spawned this podcast, with the goal of helping women find the kind of fulfillment in daily life that leads to true love.

Each episode is a 35-minute discussion about the behaviors and communication aligned with inner masculine and feminine energies and how they are either helping or hindering your love life.

Amy will be interviewing people who are single and married, so listeners can hear others’ experiences, as well as new thought leaders, authors, therapists, athletes, wellness gurus and more. Her first guest is Dr. Pat Allen, a bestselling author and Jungian cognitive behavioral therapist with 45 years of experience developing communication techniques aligned with masculine and feminine energy.

More than a typical relationship podcast, Something Better is something better. It’s a conversation between experts and regular folks, sharing experiences and awakening listeners to truths they already know or tools they didn’t realize they have.

“My goal is to teach specific and simple tools of communication and behavior based on existing energy traits inside, so women can realize their heart’s desires and stop unconsciously pushing away and losing the very thing they desire most,” explains Amy Loftus. “Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer. It’s not an advice podcast. It’s more like here’s what I did, here’s what she did, you’ll carve out what’s best for you, based on what resonates.”

Something Better Podcast is looking for your questions, frustrations, curiosities, and concerns in the hopes that you’ll feel heard and understood, and that someone who shares your experience will also hear it. You do not have to tell your name, if you do not want to be identified in an episode – just sign “Anonymous”.

If you want your questions on love and relationships answered on Something Better and prefer to leave a message, use Google Voice line: 323-999-1536. If you wish to remain anonymous please say so or your message could be shared in the podcast.

Tune in, download and subscribe to Something Better. Available on iTunes September 5th 2017.

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