Founder of The Addictions Academy Says Confusion and Challenges with the Family Dynamic System Doesn’t Mean Helping Families in Recovery Is Out of Reach For Sobriety and Recovery Coaches

Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy and Katie Donovan of A Mother’s Addiction Journey have teamed up to launch a new Family Recovery Certification Course to help train Recovery Coaches complete family support.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have officially launched the Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coaching (NCFRC), to help train Sober and Recovery Coaches enhanced methods to help families struggling with their loved one’s addictions challenges.

Explaining the need for this course, Estes said, “This is an important new course for us, as much as an addict needs a coach, so does the family, and there are currently no programs available to teach professionals how to deal with the rest of the family.”

Families of an addict are often confused themselves about addiction and where to turn with some of the issues that are going on within the family dynamic system.

The Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coaching course will spotlight strategies professionals can use to help families pick up the pieces before, during and after their loved one gets help in a traditional treatment setting.

Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Katie Donovan, who pens the popular blog A Mother’s Addictions Journey, instructs the course, often sharing her insights and real world experience on Family Recovery Coaching.

Donovan said, “Up until now the best we were able to recommend to the family was to go to Al-anon or ‘family day’ at the drug and alcohol treatment facility. This course answers the most common questions and busts the myths and misconceptions so many people have about Family Recovery Coaching.

The Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coaching course will cover a lot of information that is rarely talked about, such as how to work with and assist the family during their difficult times.”

With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, The Addictions Academy is expected to offer the course throughout the year online and also as a self-study option.

Estes asserted, “Often the family has been enabling the addict so long that when the addict goes into to treatment they feel lost and confused. Sometimes they even expect the addict to come home after 28 days or so ‘cured’ and ‘fixed’. As Professionals, we know that is not the case, but the family does not.

We really want to help Addictions Recovery Coaches who are actually in the trenches, working hard every day supporting the success of Family members of addicts in recovery.”

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