Robert Aliota Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with New Book

New book, “Carolina Trendsetters,” offering insights for business owners and consumers, reached the Amazon Best Seller List soon after publication. Robert Aliota is one of nine authors that contributed to the book.

Robert Aliota became an Amazon Bestselling Author with his contribution to the new book, Carolina Trendsetters: Insights and Innovations from Local Business Owners, Professionals & Community Leaders. Amazon listed the book at Number 1 among all books in the Free Enterprise and Knowledge Capital categories. It was also listed by Amazon as the Number 1 Hot New Release in multiple categories.

Aliota and eight other contributors in the Charlotte region in North and South Carolina offer a variety of useful insights and information for business owners and consumers. Some of the topics covered include building a professional network on LinkedIn; digital transformation for established companies; accelerating entrepreneurial success through coaching; and managing risks to protect business owners and professionals as well as their families. Other topics include developing a financial plan even when business owners and professionals are so busy working in their businesses; finding the perfect nanny and solutions for companies whose employees need short-term childcare; building a successful industrial products distribution business; and succeeding in business using strategic deployment of technology. There is also a chapter on how Veterans Path Up, is helping our military veterans and veteran families on the path to affordable, stable housing.

In his chapter, Aliota describes his journey from an employee in the computer networking industry to the founding and successful growth of Carolina Seal, a leading distributor of industrial sealing products. He said, “As we started out we decided to focus on a value-added services model where we could provide engineering solutions that overcome technical challenges for our customers that other distributors were not providing. In this way, our customers can focus on what they do best.”

Carolina Trendsetters: Insights and Innovations from Local Business Owners, Professionals & Community Leaders is available in eBook and paperback editions at All royalties on retail sales of the book are being donated by the publisher, NMG Publishing, to Veterans Path Up.

Robert Aliota realized that he was meant to be an entrepreneur after working for a few years in the computer networking industry. After studying a number of opportunities he realized that industrial companies needed a better solution for engineered sealing components for use in their products as well as for process equipment maintenance. He founded Carolina Seal, now a leader in distribution of engineered sealing products.

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