New website Massage Glo arrives with the secret to smooth glowing youthful skin

New website Massage Glo has come up with an all-natural luxury extra large back scrubber and exfoliator with loofah that will enhance blood circulation and fight skin problems from the inside out for smooth glam skin.

Los Angeles, California – September, 6, 2017 – Those struggling with acne issues, blackheads and skin blemishes can finally heave a sigh of relief. A new website has just arrived on the web world with the answer to all such skin issues that will take us to the gateway of the desired healthy glowing skin. Entitled as  Massage Glo, the latest platform brings in a new extra large natural scrubber and exfoliator that will scrub away dry dead skin and open up the facial pores to reward users with smooth youthful skin. 

Massage Glo Luxury Back Scrubber is dermatologically tested and can be used by men women and teens. It is complemented by bonus loofah hand and scrubber pad for gentle facial and hand skin cleansing, efficient acne treatment and blackhead removal. The product is recently being launched on Amazon and has already earned 4.5 stars from its long list of happy customers. 

“We are excited to introduce our all-new Massage Glo Luxury Back Scrubber to bring in the luxe spa experience right into your home. It’s an all-natural product to eliminate harmful effects of chemical-based skin treatment products. Our double-sided back scrubber is made from sisal and thick cotton, sisal has long known to be a fantastic natural scrub and exfoliator while cotton will render your skin a smooth polished glow after thorough scrubbing. Put simply, our product will remove dry and dead skin from your body, open up the pores to prevent acne formation on oily skin and pamper you with a soft polish for rejuvenated glowing skin. It’s extremely durable and long lasting”, smiled John Roberts, the Managing Director of Massage Glo.

One of the best parts of the Massage Glo scrubber is its “extra long” dimension (40” length + 4 ¾ optimum width) which makes it suitable for all kinds of body shapes and sizes. It further comes with extra long thick handle that eliminates flipping issues and assures easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

“Added to extensive scrub and exfoliation, our new face and body exfoliating pad is a wonderful combination of a daily full-body scrub down which will instantly lead you to a radiant, glowing and younger-looking skin. Your anti-aging regimen will jump-start the skin’s renewal process to reveal a brighter complexion. For years studies have confirmed how massage helps the body to heal, reduce pain, strengthen immunity and lessen depression. Our product will improve blood circulation and indulge you into all such benefits to ensure optimum wellness for both body and mind. In fact, our website is being developed from our commitment and understanding of the significance of massage for the human body. Our new scrubber pad is a wonderful combination of thorough massage and skin care exfoliation which will instantly lead you to a radiant, glowing and young skin. The best thing about it is that it works from inside out.”

The Massage Glo Luxury Extra Large back scrubber is backed by a 100% hassle-free (lifetime) guarantee that promises premium customer satisfaction.

“It’s a beautiful gift for yourself or for any near and dear one.”

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