Webcarpenter Explains How User Experience Affects SEO

The Canadian Digital Marketing Agency Describes How User Experience Can Affect a Website Ranking On Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Toronto, ON, CA – 7 Sep, 2017 – Digital Marketing Agency, Webcarpenter has recently announced that it is offering a wide range of digital marketing services that will help businesses to grow and succeed online. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company focuses on all the key factors that impact on search engine rankings. These includes: the number of quality backlinks a website has, the number of social signals, keywords in title and header tags, web page loading time, content (word count and keyword density), user experience (UE) among others. Subsequently, the digital marketing agency lays more emphasis particularly on User Experience (UE) because it is a very important area that is often neglected by most of digital marketers and search engine optimization specialist (SEOs) all over the world.

The dwell time is certainly an important parameter that can impact on your search engine ranking. Search engine like Google somehow rewards a site with higher dwell time more prominent search positions. Another metric that is associated with user experience is the Click Through Rate (CTR) which is often determined by the Quality Score. If a site’s CTR is high, Google may decide to rank that site higher than a site with low CTR because apparently, people are more interested in that search result.

“Understanding the increasing importance of having your website rank on the first pages of SERPs for your niche keywords — driving 70% of the organic traffic to your site. For this reason, we proudly offer a wide range of digital marketing services for both our valued and prospective clients all over Canada and the United States of America,” said Mohammed (Moeugene) Ahmed, the SEO Evangelist at Webcarpenter. “From my years of experience in SEO, I have noticed that many websites are designed without optimizing the user experience, which could lead to high bounce rate for a site and eventually impact their ranking on SERPs. However, our team focuses on its important more than anything else, we put so much effort in user experience optimization (UEO) in other to avoid a high bounce rate for any given website,” he added.

The digital marketing agency also offers other website designing and other SEO services such as content marketing, social media marketing, paid search advertising, online reputation management and email marketing. Furthermore, the agency also offers effective affiliate marketing services, including setting up and optimizing your Google AdSense and Events Blogging.

The primary goal of Webcarpenter is to help businesses grow and succeed online (boost sales, brand awareness, social engagement etc.)

The web developers and digital marketing experts working at the agency work have experience working with different platforms for web development and digital marketing. Another amazing fact about the company besides its exceptional services are the rates that it offers, which are affordable and highly competitive.

For more information, please visit: https://webcarpenter.ca

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