Vivo Sverige Offers First Consumer Oriented Loan Comparison Service

According to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority the Swedish consumers demand for consumer loans are steadily increasing. So more and more lenders create new type of loan services.

And as all markets where there is a lot of money involved it also appears some bad companies are only there to make a quick buck.

Many of the new type of lenders offers quick loans like payday loans. There are a lot of these lenders that lures people in offering even people with bad credit checks loans using tactics that they can loan money for free 30 days. But the lenders know that many of these consumers can’t pay them back. Then the interest goes sky high. Some of these lenders have interest of 1500 %.

So its easy to end up with bad credit as a consequence. And to be able to cover the rent on these types of loans they many times need to take new loans and then the downgoing spiral have started. And at the end maybe they can’t pay their rent and lose their apartment and ends out on the street.

So far from all of those new loan services are beneficial for the customers. And that  is the reason the new website was created.

Vivo is the first consumer driven loan comparison site. They compares lenders based both on their cost but also on their customer satisfaction data which is collected through the lenders social media channels.

Vivo automatically collects reviews from review sites lite Trustpilot, local review sites and social accounts. Then sums it up to a consumer score for each lender.

All the reviews on Vivo is collected either from safe sources or from existing customers themselves.

All other existing loan comparison sites focuses on facts like rent, amount and so on and don’t take customers reviews into concideration.

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