The History Gal Successfully Launches Programming with ‘Entertainment’ Vibe on YouTube, Meeting Demand for History Content with Broad Appeal

“Christine Morgan, Founder of History Gal

rn“As a performer, I know that great content can also have great entertainment appeal. The History Gal is all about getting the ‘inside scoop’ on key events and noteworthy figures in history. Apparently,”

Christine Morgan, “The History Gal” Successfully Launches New YouTube Channel , Providing History with an Entertainment Twist. First Episode is now live at YouTube.

Both History buffs and those who napped through history classes are celebrating a contemporary—even entertaining—approach to getting the inside story on history’s most fascinating people.

With a BA in Theater, The History Gal’s animated host Christine Morgan is finishing up her MA in Early-Modern European History—and just launched the first of 8-episodes that comprise Season One of The History Gal. The program, which debuted on August 31, airs bi-weekly on YouTube. With a casual style and contagious passion for the fascinating people behind history-making moments, Morgan presents episodes, each under 10 minutes in length, that leave viewers wanting more.

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The launch of The History Gal is timely and on-target, according to Bethany Holt Gregory, who made a guest appearance on Episode One. Gregory has an MA in History and serves as High School District STEM Coordinator for Cabarrus County Schools. “It’s the right time and the right format for engaging long-time history lovers and an entirely new online viewership that demands an entertaining presentation,” asserts Gregory. “The History Gal is breaking ground by connecting viewers—in a creative way—with very real and often counterculture personalities that changed the world.”

A native of Charlotte, NC, Morgan featured Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg in Episode One, which spotlights an interview with Gregory. “It was the perfect place to start,” commented Morgan. The episode shared little known—and surprising—facts about the Queen City’s namesake, including her oft-mistaken ethnicity. Episode Two focuses on Margaret of Anjou, one of England’s famous “warrior queens” who married Henry VI, leaving controversy in her wake. Also upcoming is the must-see interview with the popular UK documentary host and New York Times best-selling author Dan Jones, upon the release of his most recent book, The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God’s Holy Warriors.

 With traditional broadcasting on the decline, the commercial free YouTube format is expected to reach the exponentially growing audience of viewers watching online. WIRED magazine recently carried the following quote: “What we see is the growth of broadband-only homes,” reported Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch. “Cord cutting is happening, and it’s been happening for years.”

Episode One quickly climbed to nearly 600 views following its release. With “tell all” topics and a short, memorable format, the sky’s the limit in terms of viewership. History Gal fans are invited to “subscribe” to the program’s channel, which will alert them when new content is available and offers a link to episodes—old and new—that can be watched at will.

About the show, Morgan states, “As a performer, I know that great content can also have great entertainment appeal. The History Gal is all about getting the ‘inside scoop’ on key events and noteworthy figures in history. Apparently,” she adds with amusement, “dysfunction crosses all generational and geographic lines.” 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The History Gal, Season One, features 8 brief episodes that will air across the US via its dedicated YouTube Channel ( with links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@msChristineMo).

Sponsors have a unique ground floor opportunity now to connect with The History Gal viewership. YouTube reports a reach of one billion users and one billion hours of viewing—each day. Recent statistics state that, on mobile alone, the outlet reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the US, with local versions in more than 88 countries.

For details on sponsorship of The History Gal, please contact Christine Morgan, 704.560.0359 or Below is a partial list of the ways your company can be recognized throughout the marketing and promotion of this innovative program. We can find a creative way to activate and promote your company’s image and brands. Here are some ideas on how to get started.

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About Christine Morgan

A MA student at UNC-Charlotte, Morgan is a theatre veteran, singer/songwriter, also performing in independent films, appearing as spokesperson for web clients, and working on the set of Showtime Network’s Shameless. The History Gal is produced by One Eyed Pop, a Charlotte-based creative services business, specializing in Filmography, Photography and Design. Christine welcomes audience interaction on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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