Sanish Shrestha and Ezana Berhane Announces Fundraiser Campaign On Kickstarter For The Fine Line Project

Sanish Shrestha and Ezana Berhane announce the launch of their funding campaign on Kickstarter for The Fine Line project.

Sanish Shrestha and Ezana Berhane have announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their project “The Fine Line”. It is a card game designed to detect the nature of a person, or how terrible a person can be, to be more precise.

“What started as an innocuous game between us while driving to work became an exciting business opportunity,” says Sanish Shrestha on how idea of The Fine Line was conceived. The whole idea is to test a player’s ethical boundaries. “We have chosen a variety of themes on which the players will be tested.”

According to the creators of the game, players will be placed in hypothetical scenarios that will test their ethical boundaries. As the game progresses, their fine line of morality will be revealed based on the answers they provide to specific, pointed questions. These question range from humorous to serious; tackling controversial topics in the attempt to bring light to social issues.

There are several themes that have been chosen for The Fine Line. These include justice, revenge, prejudice, sex, murder, love, money, lies and gender identity. The scenarios presented to the players will be based around these themes. According to Sanish Shrestha, there are practically hundreds of scenarios that can be chosen for the game apart from these.

The Fine Line game is simple and easy to play. In the first step, one player in the group will draw a card to choose an ethical scenario. This player becomes the MA or Moral Authority and will be asked to read the scenario aloud.

In step 2 of the game, other members or players will question the MA for details on the scenario. The MA must answer the queries in such a way that makes it difficult to answer the scenario. The MA can also add caveats to make the game more interesting and challenging.

Step 3 is where every player gets to understand how the scenario has developed and states their position in the scenario. The MA will be the last person to place his opinion. The player with the most points after 10 cards is the winner.

The fund raising campaign on Kickstarter aims to raise $5000 to finance various aspects of the project. A major portion of the money would be spent on mass producing the game. Ideally, they would have loved to raise more money so that they could focus completely on developing The Fine Line full-time.

The team of Sanish Shrestha and Ezana Berhane has plans to create Version 2 of this game as well. Their plans for the future include investing in other game concepts such as a card based game and app based game. The success of the project would depend on the number of people pre-ordering the game.

About The Fine Line Project:

The Fine Line is a novel project launched by Sanish Shrestha and Ezana Berhane. It is a creatively designed card game that puts the players in hypothetical scenarios and checks their level of morality by asking pointed questions. There are several themes on which these scenarios can be based.

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