Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd Publicizes the Release of HDPE Multilayer Pipes and Poly Fittings

Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd, right from the day of its incorporation, has exclusively focused on mass production of toughened plastic piping systems and pipe fittings becoming one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of multilayer HDPE pipes in China.

HDPE pipes have almost come to replace traditional piping systems made from copper, brass, and other metals, being used extensively for supplying drink water in commercial and residential establishments. Polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride (PVC), HDPE, and various types of plastic pipelines and piping systems currently find widespread applications in distilleries, breweries, paper mills, sewage treatment plants, and numerous other industries. Toughened plastic pipes have some distinct advantages over pipes constructed from metallic materials. For instance plasticized pipes are rustproof, and have a high tensile strength making them extremely resistant to routine wear and tear. Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd is a plastic pipe and pipe fittings manufacturing enterprise in China, specializing in the fabrication of different kinds of HDPE pipes, including multilayer pipe.

Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd was established a couple of years after the dawn of the new millennium. The company had a very humble origin, commencing production with very few workers and just one extrusion line for fabricating HDPE pipes with a thickness ranging from 20mm-315mm. Since then, the firm has grown manifold over the years, and presently Ningbo Sunplast owns two large workshops employing over 100 workers and also has satellite offices all over China. The factories in Hangzhou City and Ningbo City houses state-of-the-art injection machines and extrusion lines for turning out MCLP pipe, HDPE pipe, HDPE pipe fittings, PPR pipes, multilayer pipe brass fittings, PEX pipes, and much more.

Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd Publicizes the Release of HDPE Multilayer Pipes and Poly Fittings

Bulk of the manufacturer’s yearly output of 15000 tons of finished plastic products and components are exported to overseas clients based in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Ningbo Sunplast has been supplying poly fittings, HDPE pipes, PEX pipes, and PPR pipes to some steadfast customers for over a decade, thanks to the premium quality of the wares and the stellar after sales as well as customer service. The various products manufactured by Ningbo Sunplast can be classified under the categories including HDPE pipes, HDPE pipe fittings, PEX pipes, PPR pipes and fittings, HDPE pipe welding machines, multilayer pipes, multilayer pipe installation tools, and multilayer pipe brass fittings.

Talking about MCLP pipe, better known as multilayer composite pipe, Ningbo Sunplast produces PEX-AL-PEX multilayer conduits and tubing, PERT-AL-PERT multilayer pipes, and yellowish PE-AL-PE multilayered pipes. These multilayered pipes are generally used as plumbing lines for supplying drinking water, hot water, mezzanine floor heating, and for transmitting fluids. The firm manufactures at 150 different types of plastic pipes along with fittings that fulfill the quality parameters specified in ISO9001, ISO14000:ISO14001 guidelines. Customers keep placing orders owing to the enterprise’s commitment to keep on supplying the best grade of products crafted using superlative quality of raw materials and a willingness to stand by what it delivers.

About Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd

Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd has wholeheartedly devoted itself to producing top quality of multilayer HDPE pipes, PEX pipes, PPR pipes, and pipe fittings for over 15 years. For more details about their products and services, please visit their website.

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