Signage Sins to Signage Wins – 3 Commonly Overlooked Signs That Shouldn’t be Ignored

Irving, TX – 7 Sep, 2017 – Your business signage says a lot. It tells potential customers and guests what they can expect, regarding not only the products and services you offer, but also provides insight into your brand personality and the level of professionalism of your business. 

A few key signage elements may be all you need to start attracting new customers and clients to your business. Irving Signs & Wraps, a full-service sign company in Irving, TX, shares how some simple signage updates can make a big impact on your customer perception and, ultimately, your bottom line. 

Business Information Signs: Inadequate to Inviting

Ever walked up to a storefront to find that they had handwritten signs or ugly, basic printouts providing important business information, such as hours of operation? Did it give you the feeling of being somewhat temporary? This is a scary prospect for a buyer. If they feel like your business isn’t permanent, then they will be far less likely to make a big ticket purchase or hire you for future services. 

How Can I Fix It?

Attractive vinyl window clings are the perfect solution for hours of operation and other permanent business information. Removable clings can be used for temporary or changing information. Talking value for dollar, this is one of the least expensive signage elements you can produce, instantly improving your level of professionalism, and in-turn, increase your customer confidence. These are quick and easy to produce, leaving no excuse for unattractive welcome signage. 

Wayfinding Signage: Unending Questions to Answered Questions

“Can you tell me where to find..?” When you are able to effectively answer these questions without staff assistance, then you can not only improve the customer experience, as they feel empowered to navigate your business freely, you can also free up your employees time for more important, revenue-driving tasks. 

How Can I Fix It?

Effective wayfinding signage is one of the most commonly overlooked signage elements in a business. Understanding exactly what signage is needed can be challenging for a business owner with intimate knowledge of their facilities. Irving Signs & Wraps encourages business owners to talk to their staff and find out what questions customers are frequently asking, and then create impactful signage to preemptively answer those questions. We can only measure how many people are actually asking- how many others are getting frustrated and leaving without requesting assistance? 

Commercial Vehicle Wraps: Stranger Danger to Stellar Service

Do you provide services to customers or clients at their home, such as a cable installer, lawncare professional, roofer, or other contractor? We have been trained since childhood to be wary of strangers, especially those in large, windowless vans, and this uneasiness has followed the majority of us into adulthood. This means that the first impression that someone has of your business is one of unease and mistrust, which does not lend itself to an outstanding customer experience. 

How Do I Fix It?

Custom commercial vehicle wraps not only improve your brand visibility, they can also improve your customer service. A professionally wrapped vehicle provides immediate comfort to your customers, letting them know that you are, in fact, an affiliate of the business they are expecting. When customers feel confident in your identity, and the uniform and vehicle you arrive in both back up those claims, then they are immediately more at-ease, providing a better customer perception, making them more likely to leave you a business-building positive review. 

Putting It All Together

All businesses understand the importance of their storefront sign for business building and growth, but there are lots of little ways and places that you can use signage to really create an outstanding customer experience. An experienced, professional sign company like Irving Signs and Wraps can assist you in identifying, designing, manufacturing, and installing the right signage elements and blend for your business.

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