Keep the Home Safe – Florida Sinkhole Identification, Prevention, & Remediation

Brooksville, FL – 7 Sep, 2017 – Life in Florida comes with a caveat – your home, business, or property may fall into the earth without warning at any time. Sinkhole season is now in full swing, and it isn’t holding back. The residents of a small neighborhood in Land O’ Lakes are reeling from a sudden crater opening on July 14, with 7 houses condemned and that number continuing to grow.

As a resident of Hillsborough, Pinellas, or surrounding counties, including “Sinkhole Central” Hernando County, it is vital that you learn to identify the early warning signs of this costly and potentially deadly risk.

What Causes A Sinkhole?

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the weather in Florida, combined with the carbonate rock composition of the bedrock, are the main culprits in the high volume of sinkholes. The carbonate can dissolve over time as groundwater flows through, creating cavities within the bedrock layer. As these cavities expand, the overlying ceiling reaches a point where it can no longer bear the weight of the soil above, resulting in collapse.

The extreme transfer from drought to rainy season can exacerbate this process, resulting in soil issues. Even minor depressions can cause trouble for your home’s foundation, leading to future expansion. It is vital that you be aware of the warning signs of a sinkhole and take appropriate action, if discovered.

How Do I Know If I Am At Risk?

Any Florida home or business could be at risk of a sinkhole, so the ability to identify symptoms can allow you to take action before it is too late. Taylor Yarkosky, aka “The Sinkhole Guy” of Advanced Pier Technology in Brooksville, FL, shares the early signs that may point to a potential sinkhole.

  • Tilting or falling trees or fence posts
  • Slant, cracks, or buckling in your home foundation
  • New land depressions- water collecting after storms in new areas
  • Sudden drainage of a pond
  • New Separation or cracks in walls, ceilings, floors, doors, or window frames
  • Odd bugs such as slugs and centipedes in home
  • Uncommon earthy smell in home after rain
  • Dead patches of grass, or wilted vegetation in a limited area
  • Other sinkholes nearby

“While all homes can settle over time, it is best to err on the side of caution. We encourage anyone who is experiencing one or more of these symptoms to get an evaluation by a structural engineer to determine if these are indicative of a potential sinkhole,” Mr. Yarkosky shares.

I Have Sinkhole Symptoms – Is It Already Too Late?

Don’t despair- there are options for sinkhole remediation and repair.  If you have a confirmed sinkhole, reach out to a certified sinkhole repair specialist, like TheSinkholeGuy, who can assist with determining the best course of action for stabilizing your home and preventing future damage. They can assist with determining the right process for your specific situation, including underpinning, compaction grouting, and chemical grouting. The right method is selected after careful analysis of the type and root cause of the ground shift.

Mr. Yarkosky stresses the importance of working with a sinkhole repair expert. “We encourage anyone with a confirmed sinkhole to find a trusted, experienced sinkhole repair company that provides a lifetime guarantee that your home will never sink, settle, or shift again, such as we do at Advanced Pier Technology.”

So What Can I Do?

Stay Alert. Pay attention to your home, especially during heavy storms, as this is when issues can be most evident.

Be Proactive. If you recognize any warning signs, contact your insurance company or an engineer to evaluate your property right away.

Get An Expert. Find a trusted expert that is experienced in sinkhole remediation and repair, that will stand behind their work.

While a sinkhole can be a devastating event, awareness and expert attention can prevent it from becoming a catastrophic one. 

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