Kore Essentials Revolutionizes Men’s Belt Buckles

Kore Essentials has designed and patented a revolutionary new kind of belt buckle for men that’s changing the way guys wear belts.

San Diego, California – September 07, 2017 – Kore Essentials has designed and patented a unique new kind of belt for men, that’s exploding popularity.

Kore men’s belts are devoid of all belt holes. Instead a concealed, indestructible track stitched into the back of the leather, provides over forty notched sizing positions to select from. This means guys can adjust their belts in increments of just ¼-inch, to get the best fit each time. They can adjust or release the belt by simply pinching the tiny tab hidden beneath thebelt buckle.  It’s an amazing system that’s making men everywhere toss out their old traditional belts with holes.

With waist sizes fluctuating every day, it’s about time a belt with an intelligent system was developed to accommodate the needs of men. Kore men’s belts due just that with belts that look better, last longer and fit far better. Now fashion conscious men can put an end to their old belts with stretched out holes, creased leather and a poor fit.Koretrack style offer 130% more adjustability than other ratchet belt brands and over 800% higher adjustability versus standard leather belts with 5 holes.

The patented spring-loaded design used in the ratchet buckle system is more dependable than a competitive magnet ratchet buckle systems. Kore track belt buckles are made of either solid stainless steel, or superior zinc alloy. Most of the trakline belts are made using Top-Grain leather on the inner layer and Full-Grain leather on the outer layer.

About Kore Essentials Inc:

Kore Essentials Inc. is a men’s accessories company based in San Diego, CA. They design, manufacture and market innovative men’s track or ratchet belts and other men’s accessories including wallets and apparel.

For more information, visit https://www.koreessentials.com/

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