21 Doodle Lessons that are proven to Unlock Creativity at Home, School & Work

Join the #21 Doodle Days Challenge with Diane Bleck

Artist, mother and founder of the Doodle Institute, Diane Bleck is starting an online movement based her latest Visual Learning Book titled, “Doodling is Thinking! 21 Doodle Days: A Visual Learning Workbook”. 

Diane is on a mission to is to unlock creativity at school, home and at work. Her hope is to empower people to bring more of their creativity to the way people work, learn and play.

“For twenty years, I have been a pioneer for the Visual Thinkers around the WORLD. I believe Visual Thinking is a powerful tool for critical thinking, problem solving and strategic planning.” 

She has been invited to create large scale visuals for companies large like Google, Coca-Cola, Wired Business, ESPN, TEDMED and even Disney to bring their ideas to life. And throughout her journey people have asked, “Can you teach me to draw like you?”

She was inspired to make the “Doodling is Thinking” book when teaching a doodling course in her daughter’s classroom. The children loved it so much that she began going back every year.  And what was even more amazing, she started teaching these same lessons from the kindergarten classroom to the executive boardroom and getting the same results.

“What I learned was doodling was not about drawing, it was about thinking. We were born to draw and somewhere along the way, we were told that doodling was wrong.”

Doodling has traditionally been defined as scribbling. Diane has created a way to look at the word “doodle”. Doodling is about documenting, organizing and sharing your IDEAS.

Doodling has been recently noted as being therapeutic and relaxing, often categorized with the new trend in “mindful meditations”. It is also recognized by psychology experts and social professionals that most people who doodle tend to frequently return to familiar patterns that they favor. Diane’s book gives readers the option to return to a favorite way to doodle or to explored new ways to express yourself.

The Doodling is Thinking workbook is designed so that as many as possible can join in the fun and get started doodling on their own. Diane hopes that people who enjoy her books, take her online courses and begin teaching their own children or students how to doodle. Her dream is for the doodle book to go full-circle.

Diane realized when teaching the art of doodling that many are at a loss for an idea of what to doodle. That is when she decided to create the book to go with the course. The 21 Doodle Days Course is available at http://www.DoodleInstitute.com. It is free of charge for the month of September. 

Diane (Alicia Diane Bleck) is the author of “Discovery Doodles: The Complete Series”, “You Can Doodle: Building Your Visual Vocabulary”, and the Doodle Girl & Friends Coloring book series. The books are available in softback form on Amazon. Some are through Amazon Prime.

“Doodling is Thinking! 21 Doodle Days: A Visual Learning Workbook” by Diane Bleck is for sale on Amazon as well.


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