Website, Online Scam, Helps Public Awareness of Trends in 2017

ATLANTA, GA – The internet is ever-present in the world today. It has become a critical part of business and leisure activities. With the omniscience of the internet, it comes as no small surprise that scammers have become seemingly all-knowing as well. With each New Year comes new trends in online scamming that are incredibly important to be informed about in order to ensure personal safety. One good way to put a finger on online scam trends of the year is by visiting, a website dedicated to informing consumers about trends in online scamming and reviewing various websites based on their authenticity.

2017 has seen a large uptick in online phishing scams. This is essentially when a person’s email or social media is hacked and a fraudulent link is sent to their unsuspecting friends. Under the guise that someone they know is sending them a link, many end up clicking it and infecting their computers with viruses than can be dangerous to the privacy of one’s personal information.

Another online scam to look out for is offers that seem too good to be true, such as a guaranteed credit card or bank loan.  While is doesn’t seem possible that anyone would fall for such a simple scam, the amount of people that lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by falling prey to this trick is surprising. Many pay online “processing” fees or even give away their bank information or social security number before realizing that they have been scammed. This easily avoidable scam can open a gateway to money and identity theft if not avoided.

As the year goes on, scammers are only becoming trickier and smarter, working on large-scale scamming operations and learning how to outsmart authorities and find loopholes in the law. With law enforcement focusing primarily on overall cyber security, it is easy for small online scams to go unnoticed. Cyber scammers take full advantage of this knowledge, especially scammers who operate in a different country from the people they are scamming, as this creates confusion on how to effectively prosecute those who commit online fraud.

As a general rule, always remember that if something seems strange or too good to be true then it probably is, and if unsure about the authenticity of a website, running a quick search through could be the small difference between identity fraud and online safety.

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