Grow, Discover, and Learn at The London Preschool.

London, UK – The beginning years of life are the most important years to develop many social and cognitive skills. Children can benefit many skill-sets even before grade school through nursery and childcare programs. The London Preschool put children at the heart of their nursery, striving to do more than provide a babysitting service. All of their nurseries are built and structured with children in mind, giving them a place they can acquire knowledge and skills that are important for getting them prepared for school. Their state of the art childcare facilities are uniquely built on their passion for excellence in childcare and preschool education.

The London Preschool is one of the top childcare facilities in the area. They are unique due to their fundamental curriculum that is centered around the importance of a nurturing education. Their services are not typical for a nursery they are more like an established education facility. Parents are paying one price of childcare but receiving much more in return, like their children’s development of social and mental intelligence. Their program encompasses music, literacy, the arts, numeracy, science, and physical exploration. At The London Preschool, their staff is well educated, fully dedicated and enthusiastic about their children and providing a warm and loving environment.

While the early years of child development are crucial for obtaining proper social skills and being prepared for primary, this makes nursery school important. Many parents today are keeping their children at home during these important years due to financial issues and because they think their children can develop the same skills at home. When in fact their children are missing out on gaining important social and developmental skills that are only offered in childcare. In addition, many parents today are working parents, and keeping their children at home can become extremely stressful for both the parent and child.

At The London Preschool, children give them purpose and motivation for having one of the best programs in London. Giving children the self-confidence and awareness they need to become passionate future members of society, their goal is to produce a smarter and more responsible generation. They also hold other locations such as the Wandsworth Nursery, that is now open and taking enrollments! Available Monday through Friday from 7 to 7, The London Preschool, children can explore, discover, and learn with their prestigious curriculum.

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