Introducing the Nonsurgical Way to Porcelain White Teeth

United Kingdom – Gone are the days when the only way to get celebrity perfect smiles is to undergo a painful surgical procedure with a local dentist. Some would even go as far as to get dental implants abroad. After the painful trends in dentistry namely braces, retainers, and cemented veneers comes the non-surgical way to white and seamless teeth–clip in Veneers.

Unlike permanent veneers which are cemented on the teeth, those who use clip in veneers have the option to take them on and off any time. This cosmetic accessory works a lot like false lashes, one can opt to wear them just for a night out, a special event, or in the workplace. Clip in Veneers can help make a good impression and also boost self-esteem and confidence.

One company in the UK specializes solely on this dental cosmetic masterpiece. “At Clip in Veneers, we give our customers the painless alternative to getting celeb looking new teeth within days. It’s also very cheap compared to real veneers,” said a company spokesperson. Clip in Veneers can fit over existing teeth to hide imperfections like yellow teeth, cracks, and gaps in the teeth. As a bonus, a whole set at Clip in Veneers can cost only around a tooth or two of permanent veneers.

The way it works is that the customer will take his own dental impressions at home with a full self impression kit. It will then take 14 working days to manufacture the clip in veneers or up to 21 working days in tricky cases. The clip in veneers will then be sent to the customer via first class royal mail. When used on a daily basis, clip in veneers can last up to 2 years. Using clip in veneers occasionally may make them last longer.

Meanwhile, as a perfect complement to this cosmetic vanity aid, beauty buffs may also make use of latex waist trainers. Unlike corsets of old that do harm to the internal organs, latex waist trainers use special heat and compression technology to guide the body into an hourglass shape in as short as 6 weeks. It can also offer support for the back to obtain a correct body position.

In this modern age, the perfect body and perfect teeth can be done at the comfort of one’s own home. For inquiries on how to buy a home kit for clip in veneers, interested parties may email Clip in Veneers at To know more about their product and see before and after photos of their satisfied clients, their website is

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