Fish and You launches all kinds of aquarium equipment and decor on eBay

Fish and You is a popular store on eBay that offers a wide range of equipment and décor items for the aquarium. The shop is dedicated to providing latest and most interesting aquarium decorations at attractive prices. From fertilizers to tweezers, Air pump to the thermometer and LED lights to plastic plants, the customers can find everything they need to establish and decorate an aquarium.

The full spectrum LED flexi mini Nano lighting is a newly launched item in the store that is gaining steady popularity among the customers. The customers can also find Aqua wind twin fan for aquarium cooling and lighting. For decorating the aquarium, the customers can also look for catappa (Indian Almond) leaves, dried banana leaves, dried guava leaves and more. The Tantora Catappa essence, available at the online store is also a boon to the aquarium.

Made with highly concentrated Catappa leaves, this extract can be added to the aquarium for increasing the immunity of the Aqua animals and reduce mortality. This essence is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex which is essential for aquatic animals as it eases water stress kills germs in the water and heals injuries. It is also known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that boost the reproductive health of the aquatic animals and reduce stress. One liter of Catappa essence is extracted from 2500 leaves and the store offers catappa essence in 30 ml bottle.

The Tantora White Mineral Clay that helps in absorbing water impurities and enhances clarity is also available at the online store. A 100 g of white mineral stone can be used per 50 to 70 liters of water and can be replaced after 4-6 months.  The online store also offers the professional Z series LED lights that boost the growth of aquatic plants. It is promised to provide visible plant growth by helping in the photosynthesis process of the plants. The customers can find multi purpose ceramic decoration that can be used to design a natural environment for fishes and shrimps. It is made using specially constructed ceramic that has filtration properties.

Apart from the necessary equipment, the customers can find all kinds of beautiful decorative material for their aquarium including Ceramic stones, plastic plants & leaves, ornaments, sea shells, tree root trunk, Mountain View aquarium décor and wooden bridges and many others.

More products can be seen at Fish & You eBay store.

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