Recommended by Huffington Post: Featured Google Chrome Extensions of 2017 to Improve People Productivity

Find Online Coupons Instantly, Get Inspired to Own the Day, or Clip and Save Web Pages and Screenshots — All for Free

Recommended by Huffington Post:

Life is complicated. The right apps can declutter our lives, free up time, and save us lots of money.

If you spend time searching the web for deals, managing to-do lists, or looking for ways to organize the websites and content you find online, then there are half a dozen chrome extensions calling your name right now.

Hundreds of extensions have been added to Google Chrome in 2017. Most are forgettable. Others are amazing. Below you’ll discover 6 of the most amazing and popular life-hacking extensions of 2017. The ones that can really save you time, money, and hassle.

Google Keep

Google has dozens of productivity apps and extensions, but this is one of our favorites. Google Keep lets you sync and store webpages, quotes, and images all in one place. It works on any platform or operating system. And you can use it on any device. So far, so good.

Other neat features include saving URLs (goodbye bookmark bar), organizing your data with labels and folders, and typing in notes for every download. Plus, it’s Google. So you know it will be constantly updated and receive new upgrades later down the road.



Over 2.5 million people have downloaded Momentum for Chrome and for good reason. The extension acts like your personal secretary, reminding you of important tasks, keeping tabs on your to-dos for the day, and inspiring you with awesome pictures and quotes for your desktop and phone. It will even stay on top of the weather for you. Hoorray!

Unlike many other Chrome extensions, this one is helping you stay focused throughout the day. Even the King of Life Optimization Tim Ferriss uses Momentum to keep track of his busy schedule.


Coupon Hunter

If saving money is your thing, you’ll absolutely love Coupon Hunter. Coupon Hunter is an extension created by a bunch of tech-savvy geeks who love being thrifty but hate searching for deals. It began as a website project to help find coupons and evolved into a super-useful extension which searches the web for promo codes and coupons and instantly deducts the full price from your cart automatically.

Using Coupon Hunter is insanely easy. The extension scans your shopping cart and then scours the web for available coupons and promo codes. And it works with everything. Shoes, clothing, electronics, jewelry–you name it, it can scan it.

Coupon Hunter works with the vast majority of online shopping carts and tests coupons to make sure they’re valid before alerting you to available deals. If codes are available and valid, you’ll be notified instantly and can use them at checkout.

It will even tell you how much you saved. Nice.

Best of all, the search is instant, and you can use the extension with all of your favorite ecommerce store shopping carts. Easy!



An app which needs no introduction. With almost 4.5 million users, Evernote is easily one of the most recognized apps on the web. And it made life even easier for its users with the introduction of its browser extension, Evernote Clipper.

Evernote Clipper links directly to Evernote and lets you clip online photos and web pages, highlight and circle your clippings with abandon, and share your clippings online.

Moreover, the clipper is incredibly simple to use and stores everything directly into specified files on your Evernote app.



StayFocused is a procrastinator’s dream extension. If staying on task throughout the day is a Herculean effort, or you just need a kind reminder to ignore that latest tweet, Facebook notification, or Reddit post, then StayFocused is a must-download.

StayFocused works by keeping tabs on your browsing throughout the day and restricting access to certain sites after a time limit has been reached. You set how much time you can access those sites, and then the extension takes it from there.

Don’t worry, you can view those sites at any time simply by closing the extension. But if you need some extra help staying focused during the workday, this extension is for you.

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The Camelizer

Even if The Camelizer didn’t have one of the better extension names we’ve ever heard, it would still be well worth the download.

With Camelizer, you can review the historical pricing data of products from all your favorite ecommerce stores, including Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, Apple, and hundreds of others. You can compare prices of the same product on other websites over time, and even receive alerts if there is a sudden drop in price.

Furthermore, the extension is incredibly easy to use and read. If you can follow a line graph, you can use The Camelizer.


Every one of these extensions is well worth a spot on your Chrome bar in 2017 and beyond. The newest additions like Coupon Hunter are incredibly useful. And the older extensions such as Evernote keep getting better every year.

Just in case you skimmed so fast you wound up at the summary, here’s the TL;DR of all six extensions:

Google Keep lets you save screengrabs, quotes and images online with the press of a button and keeps it all stored in one easy-to-organize location across all platforms.

Momentum inspires productivity by letting you set a daily focus, track to-dos, and eliminate distractions with task reminders.

Coupon Hunter instantly scans the internet for all available online coupons related to a product and instantly locates promo codes from around the web.

Evernote Clipper is the internet’s ultimate organizational tool for storing web pages, screenshots, and cat memes.

StayFocused reminds you how long you’ve spent idly surfing FaceBook and other time-wasting websites and sets a limit to how long you can use each site per day.

The Camelizer lets you view historical pricing of products and receive alerts when pricing drops.

And there you have it! Go out and have a more efficient 2017 with all 6 of these life-hacking Chrome extensions!

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