Turning a New Leaf for Women’s Swimwear with Unique Swimsuit Padding Inserts That Rock

The new unique type of swimsuit padding inserts from Epiphany LA revolutionize women’s swimwear. These swimsuit bra inserts come in various sizes and have the perfect shape for molding with anyone’s body and giving women great push-up.

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Epiphany LA has emerged on the market of women’s intimates just recently, but it’s set to leave a mark in history. This brand, founded by a young entrepreneur named Jocelyn, offers a completely new and unique type of swimsuit padding inserts. They mold to the body perfectly, increase user by a full cup size, look natural, and can be worn with both swimwear and sports bras.

What’s So Special about Swimsuit Padding Inserts from Epiphany LA?

Epiphany LA Padding insertBra inserts have been around for decades. However, it’s unfortunate that most are the ‘standard’ model. Thus, their shape hasn’t really changed for many years.

On one hand, this indicates the efficiency of the current model. However, every woman understands that the ‘one size fits all’ type of insert on market rarely fits anyone. The majority of women have to resort to DIY swimsuit padding or settle for the shortcomings of the standard design.

The new custom swimsuit bra inserts from Epiphany LA offer a reprieve to women who seek an enhancer that fits well and offers a significant increase in cup size. These padding inserts were designed by Jocelyn herself when she saw a hole in the market and a chance to capitalize on creating a product that women wanted and needed.

Jocelyn ordered custom molds and began designing these swimsuit padding inserts that are great for any woman who wants to add some size and push-up to their swim tops and sports bras. Unlike the standard type of enhancers, Epiphany LA inserts come in four cup sizes (A, B, C, and D). They also mold to the body fitting the natural curve of the breasts. The result is a fantastic push-up effect, an added cup size, and a perfect fit for any type of swimwear or sports bra.

The design of the new swimsuit padding inserts is not only unique but it also has a fun heart-shaped design on the inside portion of the cup. The cups are both functional and athletically pleasing. The product has a fantastic unpackaging experience as well. padding insertThe inserts come in a beautiful branded box and they are hand-wrapped in tissue paper with custom branded stickers. As customer slide the box open, they know they are going to be pleasantly surprised with the product.

The padding inserts from Epiphany LA were specifically designed to have very thin edges so they are undetectable in your top. User can slip them into a swimsuit, sports bra, bralette or any top they like and be confident that no one will know they’re wearing a padding enhancer.

Epiphany LA’s design is patent pending and their product is sure to change to future of breast enhancers. The combination of a great fit and truly outstanding efficiency make this product stand out from the competition. These bra inserts are currently starting a revolution in the world of women’s swimwear.

Visit them online at www.MyEpiphanyLA.com to get a pair and experience the epiphany directly.

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