Lego Table That Will Help the ‘Problem Solving Ability’ Of Children

Are you wondering how to keep your kids busy at home? Yes there are numerous gadgets available in various forms and apps but you may worried about kids using the mobile or the computer for too long which may be detrimental for the health of their eyes. Lego Table Play Tables could be the best answer to your question. It can keep your kids occupied for most of the time while they can learn a lot through it. Normally the set contains a Lego table and a container full of Lego bricks. Apart from the sheer entertainment it gives, it is also beneficial education wise. According to the various scientific studies kids who are used to creating and making bricks are good at mathematics. It will develop their divergent problem solving skills and even if you look from the social point of view, it helps them to develop their team work and social contact skills. So in every aspect Lego table will be beneficial to the kids and their development.

While you buy the Lego tables there are lot of things that need to be considered. You should ensure that the paints used in the table are non toxic. Edges should be also rounded not and not sharp. Otherwise kids may get injured while playing and it should not be too high otherwise they may try climbing on them and they may fall down. You may choose the tables that are painted with attractive colors so that kids get attracted to them. Do remember kids like bright things and hate the ones with dull color. You can choose between single solid color and mixture of colors as we have both the varieties. Also please keep in mind that you can purchase a water proof table that is easy to clean.

Lego table games

There are various types of Lego tables available with us. You can choose any one from them. Do remember that your kid will learn a lot whatever type you choose. The first type is the Fun builder Lego table which has additional space for storage of the Lego bricks and blocks. It is meant for the children under the age of five. While it is sturdy and lasts fora long time the height of the table is too low to add chairs to them. It costs higher compared to the other tables. Lego play table oak color is for dual use and it can be used either for bricks building or for game play. It has the drawers of 12 inch length which can be used by children to store the bricks or their play toys. It comes with three coats of paint so it is durable for a long time. The next type is the tot tutor table which comes with the set of Lego activity table with chairs. It is made of light weight materials and sturdy plastic so that it can be easily configured by the parents without to much fuss.

This type of Lego table can be used by the children who are greater than 3 years. The main problem is some children had is some issues with the chairs supplied along with the table. Kid craft Lego set is one of the most loved set pieces by children. It comes with two in one activity table that has 200 Lego compatible blocks with the 30 piece train set. Train set is the main source of attraction for the kids. They can build the train and rails and play on the table. It also has a storage place underneath the table where kids can keep their toys. It comes in affordable price range and great for any parent with kids.

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